An ever-growing repository of ATZ terms.

“Balling The Surface” (phrase) – Scratching the surface, but with a melon baller.

BBQ-crazy (adj phrase) – A term used to describe what happens when you get really into the idea of barbecue.

(The) Bridezilian Room (place) – The place we’re getting married, referred to in some circles as “The Brazilian Room” for some reason.

DiPe (n) – Diet Pepsi.

“Eyes of blue, rings of blue, a happy marriage waits for you.” (expression) – An age-old saying about matching engagement rings to the bride’s eyes.

Face/Off (film) – The Most-watched post-engagement film of all time.

Fashion-blind (adj) – Like colorblind but for fashion.

geheime Verpflichtung (n) – A German phrase meaning “secret engagement.”

Haircut Situation (situation) – Refers to Jessica’s brother Tom’s cutting of his own hair before Sam’s wedding, to the delight of many and the consternation of Emily.

Heroisme (n) – feminine form of heroism.

Hundred-Dollar Melon Baller (n) – The symbol of an overly lavish gift registry.

“Inform the stork” (phrase) – A euphemism for getting married, like “tie the knot” or “get hitched.”

Le triple reversé underhanded chuchottage (phrase) – A French baking method, used in really fancy recipes.

“Mad as a Platter” (phrase) – Used to describe someone who’s getting a little too crazy about their wedding registry.

Nonethesame (adv) – A combination of nonetheless and “all the same.” Try it out sometime.

“Old World Style” – A method of celebration in which participants interlock their hands in what used to be known as a “handshake.”

Omg (expression) – Yes, I know I didn’t invent OMG, the pithy e-expression that stands for Oh My God. But try pronouncing it as a word rather than an acronym! It’s fun! Omg!

Pants-Optional-Wedding (event) – Exactly what it sounds like.

Prettiest Word Competition (event) – An annual contest held in Russia to determine the language’s prettiest word.

Sandis from Andis (food item) – Sandwiches from Andronico’s, a local grocery store that we like to get sandis and salads from.

“Shutting It Down” (activity) – Shutting It Down, a daily ritual invented and perfected by Jessica’s father Steve, essentially entails a systematic dial-down of all emotional and physical dials, and it can mean a different set of actions depending on the person. The sweat pants (or pajamas) may go on. The TV might be turned on. The chair may get reclined. Beverages might be set to “open” mode. Phones may be switched to “vibrate.” Jessica and I both Shut It Down on a regular basis.

Snapronym (n) – Portmanteau of “snappy acronym.” Pretty much any modern internet acronym – OMG, LOL, IRL – fits the fill.

Super Marriage (event) – A wedding performed by a kind and thoughtful wedding officiant.

Tabletop Dance Partay (event) – Exactly what it sounds like.

Traditional “Fasting Wedding” (event) – A wedding where no one eats. Saves the bride and groom a lot of money. We’re considering it. Not really. Well, maybe.

Triple-underhanded-julienne (v) – A method of food preparation for uber-fancy weddings.

“Whatever Morks Your Mindy” (phrase) – Made up by a college friend, it is a superior way of saying “whatever floats your boat.”

Yoof (n) – A hip new way of saying euphemism. Let’s coin this thing, people.

Yumsters! (interjection) – Used when referring to food that either is delicious, was delicious, or is likely to be delicious sometime in the future. Coined – and perfected – by Jessica.

6 responses to “Glossary

  1. Mary C. Jorgensen

    Do you really mean “fashion BLOND”, demande timidement ta maman…

  2. Is it pronounced Die-Peh or Die-Pee or DiPe (like pipe). Inquiring minds need to know!

    And also, can one be BBQ crazy 24/7?

    • Ooh good call on the pronunciation. I’ll have to make an edit. We call them “die-pays,” though I give you permission to call them whatever you wish. We also occasionally enjoy a “DiCo” or even a “DiCoLi” (Diet Coke with Lime), which I’ve always argued should rhymed with “E. Coli.”

      I would say I’m BBQ-crazy 24/7 at this point. I’m super jealous, btw, that you’re having a BBQ wedding. We are gonna try our darndest to make that happen at ours as well.

      • Die-Pays… I was so off.

        And we lucked out with BBQ. MD doesn’t have much of it except near the shore and truck stops. So check your local truck stops! jk

        Josh has his own kind of glossary. Everything ends in “monies.” Like, paper is P-monies, Cats are C-monies, etc. Except Pizza. That’s just Za.

  3. die-pays… hmmm… In my family, that’s Depsi. (get it?) Apparently that’s what I called it when I was a munchkin, and it stuck.

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