Et Cetera (Blogroll!)

Et Cetera is Latin for “and the rest,” which is actually borrowed from the Greek “”και έτερα.” Isn’t that interesting? This blog is all about interesting.

Here is where you’ll find links to other wedding/marriage/relationship-y blogs, to reference sites, and perhaps other things that I have found useful. Please feel free to suggest other links for me to post, and I’ll be more than happy to consider them whilst scratching my chin thoughtfully.

Brave Bride – A post-wedding blog for brave brides (& grooms).
(The) Broke Ass Bride – Creative, out-of-the-box wedding ideas and inspiration. It’s funny and sarcastic, and so I like it.
Craft My Life – It used to be Craft My Bride, but then she got married. It’s a great blog. Go there!
Erin Ever After – Fun, photo-heavy wedding blog.
Fancy Notion – “I’m here because there is currently no Real Social Workers of Cuyahoga County. Nor is there an America’s Next Top Engaged Dog Owner.”
Hi-Fi Weddings – Great music-centric wedding blog.
HitchDied – Robin uses the same WordPress theme as me, so I think that makes us kindred spirits. Or e-kindred e-spirits.
(The) Knotty Bride – A great DIY/crafty wedding blog.
(A) Los Angeles Love – “I love my partner. We love Los Angeles. We’re trying to love our limited budget as we plan a local wedding focused on marriage, community and all-around fun.”
Love Your Way – formerly “Lizzie & Isaiah’s $10,000 wedding.” Planning a wedding in Aurora, IL from Texas. Be sure not to miss Lizzie’s Template Thursdays. Lizzie also designed my header.
Me, Myself & Bride – By Jen, a 20-something Minnesotan blogging about her wedding planning.
My SF Budget Wedding – “Planning a family-friendly encore wedding without breaking the bank,” Bay Area-style.
My $10,000 Wedding – Self-descriptive.
One Cat Per Person – “A story about a girl and a guy, two cats, a wedding, life, and love in Baltimore.” By Angie, who is really great.
(A) Practical Wedding – Excellent wedding blog, run by Meg from San Francisco.
(The) Sassy Bride – “The Sassy Bride is a style-inspired wedding blog for anyone and everyone.”
Snippet & Ink – Another excellent wedding blog.
We Ski Slow – “A record of life with a dog and a husband.”

Other Groom Blogs:

The Groom With A View
Temple of Groom

Blogs and websites of esteemed friends and family and acquaintances that generally speaking have little to nothing to do with weddings:

Big Handsome – A guide to living the handsome life in the city of Los Angeles.
The Bright Side – Good pal and former coworker Mary muses about life, love, religion, and all that good stuff.
Dash And Bella – A mom at the nursery school where I work blogs about cooking with her two kids, creates fantastic recipes, and takes lovely photos of the process.
Katy Turner Designs – My sister’s fantastic fashion site, of her own creations.
Time Travels Without A Machine – The blog of my bestest best man Drew, a pastiche of mostly photos and videos and art and really cool stuff.
Worth Two Tomorrows – “One today is worth two tomorrows – What I am to be, I am now becoming.” Poetry and such.

My favorite websites:

Athletics Nation – Oakland A’s-focused blog, part of the SportsNation blog family.
FanGraphs – Perhaps the best – and funniest – sabermetrics site around. Non-baseball-statheads beware.
Futility Closet – possibly the best time-waster online.
MetaFilter – The most awesomest community blog ever made, now over ten years old.
McCovey Chronicles – San Francisco Giants-focused blog, part of the SportsNation blog family.

3 responses to “Et Cetera (Blogroll!)

  1. just stumbled across your blog…i LIKE it! couple other resources you might dig:
    -a book: the conscious bride (which should be called the conscious bride and groom…even thought it is slightly more from a bride’s perspective, the concepts apply and it’s really enlightening, even before you realize you need to be enlightened)

    also, saw your post about registering (love the ‘i’m plattered’ line…so cute!)…you should check out i get the sense that you’d really like it. it’s a cash gift registry site that allows you to register for anything like your honeymoon, home decorating, activities for the first year of marriage like entertainment subscriptions and getaways. you don’t have to make a choice between this and a traditional registry. we’ve found that it’s a low-stress, high-fun kind of registry to create and use. and it’s simple. one of the best parts: no returns, ever.

  2. Thanks Michele! I’ve been meaning to add offbeatbride to my list, and thanks for the book recommendation, it’s new to me.

    Love the idea of that type of registry. Love it hard.

  3. Salut Bret !

    C’est l’ancienne babysitter qui reprend contact, désolé en français ! Mary m’a parlé de ton blog et je fais donc ma curieuse !!!
    Juste une question voire suggestion : pourquoi pas organiser un pique nique champêtre géant dans les montagnes ou sur la plage ? Juste prévoir une bonne sono, un parquet de danse et le vin. Sinon chacun amène ses contributions culinaires, on s’inscrit pour qui les entrées, qui un plat, qui un dessert. Bon ça j’en ai toujours rêvé pour moi, mais je l’ai finalement organiser pour l’anniversaire de mariage de mes parents !!! Ce fut une réussite et son s’est bine marré !
    Par ailleurs, mon expérience peut rencontrer des adeptes : le mariage dans la plus stricte intimité, avec virée avec les témoins dans la baie de somme pour déguster des moules frites !
    Sinon je te rassure le mariage est devenu aussi un business en France.
    Finalement, j’aime assez la fin de 4 mariages et un enterrement ! Biz à toi et à Jessica et bravo pour l’éciture de ton blog. Sophie

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