I am getting married in summer of 2011, and as this is my first time getting married (the first of many, hopefully!!!!), I know little to nothing about how to make it happen. Luckily, my enfianced and I have a lot of time – and energy – to devote to the process, which I will painstakingly document here on this blog. More like “painst-ache-ingly” LOL!

Wait – that word already gets the “pain” point across.

Anyway, here’s how to contact me:

bretjturner at gmail dot com



8 responses to “About

  1. This will be my most favorite wedding-website-addiction. I shall check it as often as my projectwedding site.

    Tell Jessica about Projectwedding.com. You will love it too – the ladies on there (as if I’m not one of them) have an entire language all their own. Nowhere else will you find women so excited about STDs, FIs, SHE, etc.

  2. Hello Bret, and Jessica,
    This is genius, what you are doing! Love the blog! It’s a glimpse into the workings of a wedding from your particular sight line!! It’s great!

    I have actually put on quite a few weddings myself and one of the biggest wastes for any bride and groom, that I see, is the dreaded “wedding coordinator”. This person just seems to fill the bride with too expensive ideas, some completely impractical, and mostly she/he just gets in the way AND gets paid a lot of money for it!!! So, please consider that you really do not need a wedding coordinator. I also want to let you know that I do have resources that you are free to take advantage of, ie: chair covers for cheap, ideas about decorating that don’t forfeit your money for the rest of this decade. Please call me Jess! if you have any questions at all, nothing is too small and no question will go unanswered!! I would love to help you put on the elegant and lovely wedding that I know you’re going to do!! And Bret, God Bless for being SUCH a good sport! May your life together be as great as this is!!

  3. Mr. John Calmeyer

    I would have also accepted p-angst-akingly. Grudgingly. So far, this is my favorite wedding blog ever, by a lot. Also, congratulations.

  4. Mary C. Jorgensen

    Help! What does this mean when you write the following?:
    …this is my first time getting married (the first of many, hopefully!!!!). The famiies cannot affort for you and Jessica to get married too many times, you know.

  5. Mary C. Jorgensen

    Oh dear, I can’t even spell “afford” today. xxoo Maman

  6. yay! this email is just so I can subscribe!

  7. Love this site! Hope your wedding is amazing!

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