The Coordinator

If I think about the word Coordinator, it starts to sound like a Superhero name. Or perhaps rather, like the fearless protagonist of an action movie franchise. The Coordinator. The Coordinator Strikes Again. And of course, Coordinator 3: The Return To Coordinator Island. If I start to think about it TOO much, then I succumb to semantic satiation, and I’m toast.

The reason I’m even thinking of the word in the first place, other than the fact that I’m a word nerd, is that Jessica and I have hired ourself a day-of wedding coordinator. Her name is Holly, she’s a friend and coworker, and this is her:

She’s smiling so big because she’s at the merchandise table for an event at our workplace, doing one of the things she does best: raising money for preschoolers. Seriously, that’s her job. She raises money for adorable little children so that they can play and grow and laugh and nap and snack, sometimes all at once. Every time Holly smiles, a preschooler, somewhere on Earth, learns to tie his or her own shoes.

Holly’s actually been mentioned on this blog before, mostly in the context of her dogs. Jessica and I have taken care of her two adorable mutts, Dumpy and Ziggy, a couple of times; you may recall this shot of Jessica and Dumpy, among my favorite photos of Jessica ever:

Jessica and I are seriously thrilled to have Holly on board. She’s already gone above and beyond by meeting with us a couple times and grilling us on all kinds of details, including many we’d never thought of. Holly (a) planned and essentially coordinated her own wedding recently (with a much, much shorter engagement than ours) and (b) is extremely organized, so she’s basically an ideal wedding day coordinator. If she ever decides to change careers, I don’t see why she couldn’t be a wedding planner. I would totally write her a 4-star Yelp review.

Hiring her coincided, and not unrelatedly, with Jessica and I turning a bit of a corner in how we felt about our wedding. A couple months ago, we were both beginning to feel more and more unsteady about certain aspects of the wedding, and our planning was sort of fumbling along for a bit. But we made a couple of major decisions about the wedding – I’ll totally blog about them, I swear – and also hired Holly.

Since then, she’s stepped in and really helped anchor us. She’s respectful of our choices and our sometimes ridiculous ideas, while at the same time she asks the types of questions we really need to be asking ourselves, and lays bare some basic truths about our wedding day. She provides us with some Real Talk, which we’ve sorely needed.

I swear it's the same person despite the differently-colored hair.

So let’s give a warm, All-Things-Zilla welcome to Holly!


5 responses to “The Coordinator

  1. that is awesome! i hope she helps ease your minds a lot and i love that photo of jessica. we JUST had the talk about the day-of coordinator and so…I’m gonna go ahead and just hide this from isaiah for the time being. you understand. 🙂

  2. Hi! I think we might need a day-of coordinator too. Do you think she wants to do other weddings or just for you guys? Someone organizing the day off sounds so great!

  3. Congrats!! Holly is awesome, you are in good hands. 🙂

  4. Awww, thanks for the love everyone (Bret, awesome blog!). I would love to help a few more brides and grooms-to-be out there. I’m expecting a baby in September, so I’ll most likely be out of commission for awhile, but would consider taking on more weddings scheduled for April 2011, or after. In the meantime, check out my friend Vera Devera with Va de Vie events. She posted above! 🙂

  5. Its great to have such awesome friends who can help out! you know they will do the job well and you get to hang out with them more.

    also, I heard Coordinator Island is beautiful at this time of year 🙂

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