This is Jessica:

I am proud of Jessica. Over the weekend, she graduated from her two-year teaching credential program, and is now ready to be a lead teacher in an elementary school classroom. She took and passed a disgustingly large number of standardized tests, took weekend seminars, planned lessons, wrote papers, got up early every day, went to staff meetings, and never once complained.

OK, so she complained from time to time. If she hadn’t I probably would have checked for a circuitry panel behind her neck , since it would have meant she was a robot designed by the US Government. But the point is, she survived her two-year challenge by doing what she does best – working hard, putting her heart and soul into it, being reflective and thoughtful, and by being a generally fantastic person in every way imaginable. Not only did she survive the two years, she thrived.

I am so very proud of her. She succeeded at something very difficult, very demanding, and did it with grace and style. She is a role model to me, both in a general sense and a more specific one – I’ll be starting that very same credential program in a few short months.

If I handle it half as well as she did, I’ll be in good shape.


5 responses to “Prouditude

  1. I’m raising the roof for Jessica! Which takes a lot of energy and skill since I am also typing a comment!

    This is amazing news and I can’t imagine how rad it must feel for both of you.

  2. I am super proud of Jessica too. What a wonderful graduation it was.
    And then we’ll enjoy, all of us in both of your families, supporting you in the next two years, and being proud of you as well, during the upsies and downsies. And don’t forget, you’re living with an expert who knows very well how to handle her mate: YOU.

  3. that is AWESOME. congrats jessica!

  4. I’m sooooo proud of Jessica! Big congratulations to her – what an accomplishment!

  5. Thank you, all!!! Bret is the most amazing supporter of all time so I feel like I got an unfair advantage:-)

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