Poo And Blurple

Ah, spoonerisms. Such a great way of making normal words sound funny. Poo and blurple, for example, is just a funny way of saying blue and purple. Also funny: nooks and crannies turns into crooks and nannies. Take a shower turns into shake a tower. You get the picture. You pet the gicture.

By the way, I know I’ve been really terrible about posting recently. I mean, just putrid. Deplorable. But the good news is, there’s actually a lot of wedding planning going on, if you can believe it. So I’m going to just sort of ignore my less than commendable posting habits and pretend as if no one noticed! You can do that, right?

Anyway, two weekends ago I took a field trip to Stonemountain & Daughter, which has got to be the coolest fabric store around, with Jessica, her mom Terri, and my sister Katy. We were there to find fabric for two dresses and four shirts, and also possibly for some bowties.

Oh yeah – Katy’s not only making herself and Terri dresses for the wedding, but will also be making shirts for me and my groomal party. We haven’t sat down to design the shirts yet, but we now have fabric for them. Here’s the lovely Jessica with the four colors we chose for me and my three groomies:

Mine will be made from the bottom one, Drew’s from the one above it, and then Andrew and Andy will fight to the death to determine who wears the other two. It should be an entertaining match as the two of them have quite contrasting talents to bring to the table. Andy, for instance, is a natural athlete whose cunning intellectual skills make him a formidable opponent, while Andrew has a solid background in martial arts, specifically aikido, and has a certain disarming charm that has been known to lull his adversaries into a false sense of security.

Here I am displaying how hot I’ll look:

See? So hot.

Katy found a great way to make bowties, explained here. The original idea was to play around with the colors, and make the bowties from the same material as the shirts – but in the opposite direction, gradient-wise. Like say, since we’re going light to dark (starting with me) with the shirts, we’d go dark to light with the bowties. But these ones have two pieces of fabric, so we can get even more creative.

Here’s a photo from the site I liked to above:

Cool, right? Yeah. It is. You can admit it freely.

Soon I’ll be meeting up with Katy and discussing styles for the shirts. I’m very excited, and definitely in part because I kind of hate wearing dress shirts and it’s my wedding after all so I should be able to wear any shirt I please.




7 responses to “Poo And Blurple

  1. I am always so amazed by people who can sew. WOWZA.

  2. Don’t forget our friends Buck and Fran, spoonerism royalty. Sorry. Dad

  3. AWESOME color choices and you guys are too cute!

  4. dude, you keep forgetting to mention that I’m the 4th groomsman, the best of them all! Not only will I be making and wearing my own dress, but I get to wear a bow tie too! very exciting stuff 🙂

  5. Assuming I win the death match, do I really have to wear two shirts? Or can I just pick the color I like best (second from the top)?

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