Collegiate Rascality

The other day I got a text from Jessica, who was out and about. It said:

What if we described our wedding plans and people like this: “all of them attracted by a collegial atmosphere of rascality”?

I responded:

Where the heck did that come from?

Turns out she was reading The Amazing Adventures Of Cavalier And Clay, and that’s where she saw the line.

As I do, I thought about the word rascality, and how great a word it is. The dictionary defines it with another great word: knavish, which means:

1. like or befitting a knave; untrustworthy; dishonest.
2. [Archaic]  waggish; roguish; mischievous.

From there, of course, I had to look up waggish, which led me to this definition:
1. like a wag;  roguish in merriment and good humor; jocular
Anyway, I agree with Jessica, if this is what she meant. I hope our wedding planning involves a bunch of waggish, knavish rascals behaving collegiately. That sounds pretty excellent.

One response to “Collegiate Rascality

  1. that sounds fantastic and hilarious. i can’t wait to see your wedding, kids, it’s gonna be fantastic.

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