Dog Day Afternoon

Firstly: today’s Hooray Language! tidbits:

Only The Alonely

From etymonline:

Distinction of only and alone (now usually in reference to emotional states) is unusual; in many languages the same word serves for both. German also has a distinction in allein/einzig.

Are Those Pants Made Of Demonym?

A demonym is a name for a resident of a particular named place. “American” is a demonym derived from America. “Liverpudlian” is a particularly amusing and well-known irregular demonym of the English city of Liverpool that owes its high level of recognizability to the Beatles. There are at least 19 types of common demonyms used in English, including the well-known “ese” (Japanese), “ian” (Californian), “ish” (Turkish), and “ite” (Vancouverite).

Irregular demonyms include a few obvious ones like the French (France) and the Dutch (Netherlands), as well as Stopfordians (residents of Stockfort, England), Verulamians (residents of St. Albans, England), and Haligonians (residents of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Another demonym of note is Martian – because though Mars is a real place, Martians do not exist. But if they should ever appear there will already be a demonym waiting for them.

Secondly: Remember how I wanted pulled pork at my wedding? Well, the dream lives on. I’ve pretty much decided that it’s complete and full-fledged insanity to make it on my own – that was what I like to call a “pork in the sky” dream. It’s a little amusing to me now that I ever thought I could whip up dozens of pounds of pulled pork for my own wedding.

I mean, sure. I could do it. Pluto could be reaccorded  planetary status after scientists decide they can’t live in a world without our beloved little 9th planet. Sarah Palin could reveal that her entire act has been one long, continuous piece of performance art to win a bet with a friend that the looniest person in America could win a dedicated following of loons.

But really, who wants that kind of stress? And furthermore, why put myself through it when there are a multitude of delicious pork pulleries in the area? So, Jessica and I will be tasting the offerings of Sneaky’s, an underground BBQ spot that’s opening its very own restaurant next week, and Everett & Jones, a classic Berkeley BBQ joint just a few blocks away form our house.

I’ll be sure to report back. Prediction: deliciousness on both counts.

Thirdly: Saturday afternoon, Jessica and I went to a park in Oakland to celebrate our friend Sam’s birthday, and Wynette was given the most precious gift of all: a dog to play with. My pal Leah adopted a fantastic dog named Frannie, an adorable retriever/shar pei rescue dog, and she and Wynette romped the afternoon away in merry doggal fashion.

A few photos from the incomparable Drew Beck:




7 responses to “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Hooray for language! Hooray for Bret’s posts! Signed, The Addicted Reader of Said Posts.
    P.S. Sorry but couldn’t resist… My favorite demonym in French is Blésois (or Blaisois) for people from the city of Blois.

  2. Do you know if Hoosier is the official demonym for people from Indiana? What about Kiwi for people from New Zealand?

    My favorite regular suffix for demonyms is -er. As in “Mainer” or “Pittsburgher” (which I am!)

  3. I liked the mix of language, wedding planning, and dog pictures in this post. I’m actually too tired to process the language bits, and even the pulled pork part strained my withering brain, but I could thoroughly enjoy the pics of Wynette. Looks like she’s growing up well!!

    Okay, enough.
    Really, those puppies! Wynette has gotten HUGE, no!? She’s so beautiful!

    I think staying away from making it yourselves would be a brilliant idea…only because all the time you would be spending making pulled pork could be spent relaxing, you know? BUT I think still having the pulled pork is awesome. I’m sure you can find somewhere inexpensive to cater, no? I would die to go to a wedding with pulled pork…actually, one without silver trays in general…tiny little appetizers and what not..yuck.

    • Believe it or not, but she actually hasn’t grown since we got her. Isn’t that crazy? It’s like some weird optical illusion, but she weighs the exact same. About 34 pounds.

  5. What type of breed is Wynette? She looks exactly like our dog who we beleive to be a coonhound mix.

  6. Sorry for the poor spelling, I am using a small keyboard device.

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