A Poem For A January Monday

jessica’s the very best
the very best is she
but i don’t want to jinx it lest
she think the same of me

it’s hard not to believe that we
were meant for one another;
that we one day, paired up’d be
a father and a mother

for when she opens up the door
and steps inside our dwelling –
i know just who her smile is for
without the need of telling

we’ll marry soon, so very soon,
upon a hill in town
four weeks after the end of june –
the days they dwindle down

i love her dear, that much i know
it’s quite a thought to ponder
and every day the notions grows
out to the great blue yonder

in twenty years we’ll cast our eyes
back towards the early days
in fifty years, when old and wise,
we’ll while the hours away

not for a tiny moment did
i ever feel a doubt
i never ran and never hid
t’was naught to doubt about

we two, together, fortune found
along a lonesome hallway
if it’s the other way around,
i thank you fortune, always

we step together, into life
in sadness and in laughter –
i’ll be her husband, her my wife,
and all that follows after.


5 responses to “A Poem For A January Monday

  1. Aren’t you the cutest?!? 🙂

  2. wow, that is just beautiful!

  3. Yes, that was really lovely. And not sappy. Impressive how you found that balance!

  4. awww! 🙂
    it’s so sweet, bret, hope she loves it!
    i LOVE that photo of you two, jessica looks so radiant & you both look natural and blissful…

  5. wow. sweet! sweet! weet! so talented a writer are you.

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