How To Get A Header In Life

So hey: do you remember how I won a giveaway? Sure you do. It was my most recent post. Lizzie from Love Your Way offered to make me a new header for the blog, and so I sent her this photo:

And I said: all I really want is this photo incorporated somehow, plus the title of the blog. She said, all casual-like, “cool, I’ll make a few options and then we can get into some revisions.”

Then, only a few days later, she sent me the banner you now see at the top of the blog, and asked me if I wanted any revisions. I responded by quoting father of Taoism Lao Tsu at his wisest:

That which is already perfect can scarcely be revised.

Also, as if she weren’t cool enough already, she based the color on my Jokemakers blog, which I am sad to report is still on hiatus but DON’T WORRY EVERYONE we’ll be back on track eventually. We still have a repository of some couple hundred jokes that will eventually find their rightful place on the pages of the Internet.

So it is with a big smile and sincere gratitude that I offer my deep thanks to Lizzie for the most excellent new clothing she’s sewn for my little blog.


7 responses to “How To Get A Header In Life

  1. you are way too complimentary, dude, too sweet, i swear. glad you like it! it looks fantastic with your vibeage!

  2. oh i love it.

    i’ve missed this blog and you guys. too cute.

  3. I LOVE it!! It is amazing!

  4. So awesome! Looks really great! I need Lizzie’s help too!

  5. I came over here solely because … wow. I think our dogs could be twins.

    Plus, love the title. 🙂

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