I Won Something!

And that thing is: a giveaway! I finally won a giveaway and I’m tinkled pink about it. Lizzie over at Love Your Way hosted (threw? Held?) a giveaway the other day in which the winner would be crowned King Of Blogs and Internet-Based Journaling for precisely one day.

No, not really. But what I did win was maybe even cooler, because let’s be honest, who wants that kind of responsibility? I won a custom-designed banner/header for my blog to replace the oddly-cropped thing you see above. If it’s even a trifle as cool as her newly redesigned blog, well, I’ll be stoked.

Here’s a partial list of things I have won in my life:

– Tickets to an A’s game in 1994. I was taking a bath and listening to an A’s game on the radio, and they had a contest during every game back then where the 5th caller to correctly tell them who was pitching for the A’s (after a prompt) won two tickets to a future game. I scrambled out of the tub and made a mad dash fro the phone, called, and was the 5th caller. The pitcher was Ron Darling. 1994 was the year of the strike and I never got to use my tickets and my childhood abruptly ended and all magic was sucked out of the world.

– A McSweeney’s contest that coincided with the release of a book called The Future Dictionary Of America – “An imagining of what a dictionary might look like about thirty years hence, when the world’s problems are solved and our current president is a distant memory, the book is by turns funny, outraged, utopian, and dyspeptic.” Along with three other folks, my entry won me a free copy of the book and a misspelling of my name as “Brent” even though I wrote to them to correct it.

– A Customer Service Award at a previous job, where I ran study abroad programs for American high schoolers. I won a $50 gift card and the admiration of untold millions in the customer service industry. And now the award is called the Bret Turner Memorial Customer Service Award, which is awkward because I’m not dead. No, it’s not really called that, but it was nice to win it and it happened because a woman (the mother of a high schooler on a program) that I went out of my way to help wrote a very nice email to my boss praising me, and as a result of that I occasionally ask to speak to a supervisor when I’ve had a particularly good experience over the phone with someone. Who knows, that person may well be the next recipient of the BTMCS Award.

– Jessica’s Heart. Sorry, had to write it.


4 responses to “I Won Something!

  1. pretty sure jessica’s heart is the greatest thing on that list, ha. congrats, kid! excited to work with you for sure!

  2. I liked the sweet surprise ending to this post!

  3. You didn’t win it you stole it you thief you.

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