Hooray, Etc.

Guys, big news: I feel like I have finally become a fully-fledged, dyed-in-the-wool wedding blogger. Why’s that? Well: I’m posting about crafts! Not only crafts, but about a specific wedding craft project we did on New Years’ Eve with the help of some lovely friends. There was puffy paint and glitter and scissors and everything.

The basic idea, inspired from here, was to make little flags that people could wave around that would say “YAY!” on them, thereby communicating in a flagular way that they felt yayish about us getting married. Lilli, a bridesmaid/BFF of Jessica’s/completely excellent person and friend, decided to cement herself into the “Coolest People Of All Time” category by going out and procuring all the supplies, organizing a New Year’s Eve that featured a craft party, and setting up the cutest damn craft table you ever did saw. Then a group of fantastic friends spent a good chunk of the day cutting and decorating the flags, and in the end it turned out that “YAY” was merely the tip of the iceberg.

We still have some more flags to make, and they have not yet been attached to the wooden sticks, but they look really great. To wit:

In the meantime, I was busy preparing to bake 18 sourdough pizzas for the hungry masses. There was dough to rise and shape, toppings to cook, a restless dog to look after, photos to take, and beers to drink.


I’d also like to say Happy New Year to you, dear readers, and to extend a very sincere thank-you to anyone who reads this blog. As I told Adria (a very loyal reader and dispenser of great wedding advice) when she dropped by, every shred of evidence that someone reads the blog – comments especially – is like a little piece of candy. Delicious, chocolate-covered candy.



13 responses to “Hooray, Etc.

  1. I love the flags!! What a cute idea, and I am so excited to wave one around. And your pizza party looks fab and so fun. You guys are awesome, and I love you both!

  2. Coming out of the woodworks to ‘fess up that I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Found it on metafilter months ago and have been a happy regular reader since. 🙂 I’m neither married nor engaged, but I really like your writing.

  3. yay for flags! yay for the word yay! i love that my pesto made it on my favorite blog. that was another fabulous new year’s eve – you and greg were pizza rockstars! see you soon i hope!

  4. Ooh, I like your fancy flags! As you know, I’m a fan of the homemade wedding flag.

  5. I got yer candy right here!!

    And you shouldn’t have put the pizza in the same post as the flags. I’m very torn over which I am more jealous of right now.

  6. OMG did I just get a shout out!?!?!? WORD! I feel totes special. And “Totes Hitched” was my favorite flag. 🙂 I was sooooo bummed that I had to run off to relieve my sick hubby but I hope someday I can join in on a craft adventure or just a hang out. Lilli doesn’t have to be in town!!! (Sorry, Lil. You are the bestest!) Way to get dyed-in-the-wool, Bret. (But, I think you were already there ;).

  7. Awwww!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Bret, I just wanna say that I feel very yayish about your blog and about you and Jessica getting married, and I’m glad you’re gonna let your guests get flagular.

    Flagular! LOL! Best New Word of 2011! (So far…)


  9. they look adorable! i’m with caroline…flagular is on my top 10 “words to watch in 2011” list…

    that pizza looks fuh-reaking great.

  10. o man, you better watch out! you’re a hop skip away from inspiration boards and overusing “smitten”.

    btw love your blog

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