Here Are Some Things We Said Today While Registering At Sur La Table And Bed Bath And Beyond

I have a lot to say about registering. A LOT. I’ll say it pretty soon, so be on the lookout. For now, this strange day can perhaps best be summarized with a few things I remember coming out of our mouths.

Jessica: Look, a Gravy boat!
Bret: But we’ve never once made gravy.
Jessica: I just really want a gravy boat!
Bret: Why?
Jessica: Gravy! In a boat!

Jessica: I’m getting a cake platter and you can’t stop me.

Bret: Do we need any hollow plastic onions?

Bret: If one more person asks us if we need help I’m going to kick over this stack of Le Creuset Dutch ovens.

Both of us, many times: SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS???

Bret: I don’t know if this whisk is that much better than the whisk we have at home.

Jessica: I have a newfound sympathy for people who register. I will never speak ill of anyone’s registry ever.

Bret: I’m so… tired. But I haven’t bought anything.

Bret: I don’t think Betty our account rep knows what “per se” means because she says it in every sentence.

Jessica: Can you promise me that you’ll never let me register for a chip and dip set? Because chips and dips can go in two separate bowls.

Jessica: Do we need a two-tier tray?
Bret: What the hell is that?
Jessica: I don’t know!
Bret: Sounds suspiciously like you’re trying to get a cake platter that holds two cakes!
Jessica: No, I swear!

Jessica: They actually don’t have any salad bowls on this list, but they do have salad spinners.
Bret: Well what are you gonna put your salads in when you’re done spinnin’ em?


3 responses to “Here Are Some Things We Said Today While Registering At Sur La Table And Bed Bath And Beyond

  1. This was hilarious. I wish we had registered in the stores so we could have debated the merits of cake plates and gravy bowls. We are lazy hermits and did it all online…

  2. This one definitely made me chuckle. . . 🙂

  3. you are fuh-reaking hilarious, sir. hilarious.
    keep an eye on that two-tiered tray…it does sound a lot like a double-duty cake platter, eh?

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