Howdy there – when you have a moment (why not right now?), be sure to hop on over to fellow blogger Lizzie’s new site where I have a little guest post about what Christmastime means to me. It’s part of a great series she has going on about the holidays, and it apparently brought out my cheesy side. It’s called “Lassen Was Christmas,” a title which will make no sense unless you read the post.

Go! Read! I’ll be here, waiting. Patiently.


4 responses to “ChristmaHanaKwanzika

  1. Awesome! I miss Lassen so much…..xmas is not the same without it.

  2. i LOVE your guest post – thank you so much, you are AWESOME.

  3. I loved the guest post. Our family goes to the shores of Lake Michigan every year with a group. We stay in cabins, have cooking crews and do the same silly stuff every year. I have missed it due to geography and limited vacation the last 2 years and am itching to go this summer. You really are a beautiful writer, Bret.

  4. Yes, beautifully written, Bret. And great choice of photos, too. I love the one with the snowman.

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