I have a (self-motivated, OK) reason to plug a blog, one that happens to be among the sine qua non of wedding blogs. Sarah is the scribe of My San Francisco Budget Wedding, and although her occupation escapes me at the moment, it’s safe to say that she is one of best writers in this little corner of the internet and I do hope she gets paid to write in some form or another.

Sarah has also recently kicked off a really great advice column penned by her six-year-old daughter Bean, who will answer your wedding/family/etc related questions as long as they are spelled and grammared correctly and don’t have any swears. Yesterday, Bean graciously took time of out her busy schedule to answer my question about children:

Click the screenshot above (or just here!) to read her answer!





2 responses to “Psssst

  1. Very wise, though I’m not taking sides, you understand.

  2. Thanks for the high praise, Bret. We also enjoy your writing, and your sense of humor.

    Also, for the record, I have two brothers.

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