Hi-LARIOUS Save The Date Mishegas!

You should never let me near the Internet because I waste my time doing stuff like this instead of all the other things I need to be doing. I actually do have a lot to do. I’m serious.

These are the result of me playing around with Shutterfly‘s various and shockingly numerous card templates, and also of me having learned the “command-shift-4” command on Macs where it lets you draw a box around whatever you want to take a screen shot of.

By the way, I also learned some other really cool commands recently. These work on Macs only, as far as I know. Try ’em out!

– When you’re typing, press Control+A to go to the beginning of a line and Control+E to go to the end of a line. Control-K will delete everything AFTER the blinking cursor, all the way to the end of the line.
– Also when you’re typing: Hit the arrow keys while holding down Option. It will move you through text one word at a time, instead of one character! Option-delete will delete one word at a time.
– F11 minimizes all your windows and displays the desktop.
– Command+Option+Control+8 will invert the colors of your screen! Fun when tipsy.
– To move a window that’s in the background without bringing it forward, command+click & drag the title bar, and it will maintain its stacking order while you drag it.
– In Safari, hitting Command-Control-D while hovering over a word will give you a definition!
– Command+Shift+T opens up the last tab that you accidentally closed.

ANYWAY SO let’s get to the Save The Dates, shall we?


16 responses to “Hi-LARIOUS Save The Date Mishegas!

  1. You have truely outdone yourself. I will save the email in which I received this posting for when I need to smile and laugh. Because these STD’s are SO awesome. And I don’t say that very often. Hadn’t seen the picture of you two in sweaters yet and I love it!

  2. Yes, please. I’d go to a wedding with a save-the-date like this.

    But I’m a weird crayon.

  3. So many of these to love. The literal interpretation with the dates themselves, the homage to Jack Black, the account-settling…

    You continue to amuse. Thanks!

  4. Bwahahahahaha. I think my favorite is the PSA for dates, but they’re all darling.

  5. I like the anagram best– but they’re all pretty stellar.

  6. My opinion is that Wynette definitely has to be on it.

  7. you’re awesome. these are hugely hilarious!

  8. Uh-oh, you just set the bar really high for your actual save the date. I hope you make the real one funny!

  9. They are all great – the “Save the Dates!” PSA made me giggle out loud at my desk.

  10. On the subject of “cool commands”, you did not mention the holy Mac “Command z”. It brings back immediately what you accidently erased when typing (this often done by accidently hitting a mysterious key, by breathing, by setting your mouse free to hop about on it’s own, etc.).

  11. Sadness. Command Control D when hovering over a word is super neat but only in English, sniff. Thanks anyways for the tip.

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