The Wynette Chronicles

We are now four days into the Age Of Wynette.

It’s safe to say we love her madly. Her big eyes, licky tongue, her endearingly clumsy three-leggedness, and how she sleeps through the night without making a peep. She’s taken to her doggie bed and her toys – a rope that Jessica’s brother Tom immediately went and bought for us after learning we were adopting a dog, a squeaky stuff dog (pictures above), and a “Kong,” a toy that you put treats into that she has to work to extract. She rarely barks, loves people and other dogs, and is quite calm when people come through the front door.

Early challenges: whining and walking (The “Two W’s”) – she whines when she senses separation, and is sort of all over the place on walks. But I think we’re already making progress, and have several friends who have excellent dog-training tips and advice.

We have a new member of the family. And we couldn’t be happier.


One response to “The Wynette Chronicles

  1. I love Wynette.

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