A Joke!

Did you guys hear I’ve been watching old mafia films as a way to draw inspiration for All Things ‘Zilla?

I’ve found that it’s great Blogfodder.

[Instant Rimshot].


9 responses to “A Joke!

  1. You and my 3-year-old would get along great. Wait. Don’t you work with preschoolers?

    • I do work with preschoolers! But they don’t think one is funny – it would have to involve poop. Poop’s the big ‘thing’ right now at the school.

  2. I have a huge anatomy exam in 1.5 hours. Ahhhhhhhhh!
    Thanks for providing this joke, Bret, as its groan-worthiness managed to relax me for several moments of LOLing.

  3. this post calls for a “oh f*ck that’s funny.” i had to think about blogfodder for a second there.

    i know your family pokes around this blog sometimes. my apologies to the bret-family-crew.

  4. bee tee dubs. josh just gave you the funniest in the world award.

  5. Bret’s parents are horrible people who run around the house swearing non stop. Bret is lucky to have survived his childhood.

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