The Impossible Choice

Sometimes, Jessica asks me if I like her better with long hair:

…or with shorter hair:

And all I can think is, “are you kidding me?!!???!?”

I mean, that’s like asking me if I’d rather have a couch made out of chocolate in my living room, or a guitar made of moonbeams.

An Impossible Choice.


11 responses to “The Impossible Choice

  1. shorter she looks like a famous actress whose name I forget….in 4 weddings and a funeral….

  2. Agreed. Impossible. She is adorable both ways.

  3. Agreed, adorable either way, but still… short!!!!!

  4. this is my favorite one.

  5. Simply put, Jessica is beautiful.

  6. Haha! I totally get where she is coming from. I ask Josh this kind of stuff all the time.

    I like them both, but she really pulls off that length of short hair so well. The curls look great. Me? I’m not a chin-length gal, my face is way too full. Jessica’s is perfectly oval and the bouncy hair just at her jaw is totes gorg.

  7. These are my favorite posts on wedding blogs. Also, Tony would like you to know that having a couch made out of chocolate is a bad idea because you can’t sit on a couch of chocolate.

  8. Long!!! No… short! Damn it.

  9. oh man, she is gorgeous! i love short hair though…so you know where my vote is. she pulls off both famously though.

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