Papa Turner To The Rescue!

My dear dad emailed me this morning – as a writer himself (I mean, a real one), he knows what it’s like to go through dry spells. So he swooped in and offered me a Guest Post, which follows below. Thanks Dad!

A dad feels pain when his son goes into a funk, as I believe he called it, or drifts into the doldrums, or finds the well dry, or runs out of cliches.
I once asked Jon Carroll, the brilliant San Francisco Chronicle columnist, what it felt like to wake up on New Year’s morning knowing that he would have to come up with 200-plus columns over the next year and he said you don’t think about it that way; all you do is think about the next day, maybe the next week.
And he gets paid scale.
So I thought I’d take one day’s-worth off the prodigal’s plate.
So what’s it like to be the father of a groom-to-be? And someone about to acquire a smashing daughter-in-law?
It’s pretty damn cool.
No, it’s sensational. Believe me. Seeing your son (or daughter, perforce) this happy is about all a parent could hope for.
One does wonder how much advice to offer. It’s their wedding, after all, and if they want to make it a pot luck, more power to them. I’ve offered to wash dishes (not really). We’re going to be hosts of a rehearsal dinner (do they really rehearse anything at dinners like that apart from drinking?). But one eschews meddling.
And besides, we’ve got the baseball playoffs to contend with, and they’re more important–for the next few weeks–than intricate matrimonial details.
Still, go you guys! And don’t fret if you miss a few days or a buncha days. We’re with you.


9 responses to “Papa Turner To The Rescue!

  1. your dad just said “pretty damn cool.”

    that’s pretty damn cool.

  2. By the way, he’s a cute husband as well. Bravo Tom/papa to the rescue!

  3. Bret’s dad-
    Very cool post. And you better not be cheering for the Yankees.

  4. Great post Tom. I’ve missed my daily Zilla fix. GO GIANTS!!!!!

  5. Great guest post, Tom.
    Good writing takes so much effort, but reading it is so easy and fun. Sometimes I’m like, okay, I have 5 minutes to veg online…what should it be, Facebook or All Things Zilla?
    And it’s fine when there’s no new post, cuz then I can go look at somebody’s vacation pics. But, when there’s a new post I enjoy it, every time.
    So, thanks!

  6. yay for papa turner! great post…your dad is rad, dude.

  7. Just to clear the record, the Yankees are right up there with the Cowboys and the Packers as my least favorite team.

  8. A Dad who uses both “pretty damn cool” and “perforce” is perfection. Thank you to those who swoop in and relieve the dry spells. It’s such a relief to know that there is someone guarding your back.

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