Funky Business

So maybe you’ve noticed: I’m in a funk. Blog-wise, I mean. Musically, too, but that’s neither here nor there. Well, OK – it’s there. Over there. See?

I have a huge supply on partially-written posts on hand, taunting me, mocking me with their potential. “Finish me, Bret!” they wail, in squeaky voices every time I log in. I should probably disable that feature. The subjects of those posts range from photography to jokey nonsense to my post about Andy (it’s coming, don’t worry) to some Groomzilla Watches and  Bridezilla Watch or two, a post where I try to connect wedding planning to Scrabble, and another where I make some vague baseball analogies.

I’m sure this happens to every blogger at some point, and only the true bloggers – ones who are pure of heart and virtuous of spirit – are able to overcome the hurdle and press onward. But for now, when I sit down at my computer to post, I come up empty these days. My mind draws a blank. I start writing “So I was thinking about food at my wedding and I was thinking about how” and then suddenly I’m like, “hey, baseball blogs!” and I click over to those. I leave a tab open with the blog post in edit mode, which is my surefire internal method of assuring myself that I will eventually click back to that tab and complete the post, but then it’s dinner time and I’m in charge of making salmon burgers with oven fries, and let’s be honest here: salmon burgers are gonna win that battle. Every time.

I’m sure it’s related in part to all the change that’s going on my life – a new house, new routine, a just-ended house/dogsitting gig that was fun but very challenging, Jessica’s new hectic schedule, and such. It’s also related to the fact that though we’re getting back on the ball, we haven’t done much wedding planning of late (other than hiring a photographer), and so there’s not much to talk about.

But, my loyal readers, never fear: I can feel it returning. “It” being the mojo, the je-ne-sais-quoi, the urge to write. It’s still there, and it’s getting restless. Listless, even. It cannot rest nor list.

So get ready, blogosphere. Get ready.




8 responses to “Funky Business

  1. I feel ya. My post draft folder, much like Miley Cyrus, can’t be TAMED.

  2. Bret, I TOTALLY understand how you feel. I don’t know how people have enough material to post everyday. Currently, I have 6 half finished posts waiting in my drafts folder, and for whatever reason, I just don’t feel like finishing them. Haha, I mean, I probably will someday, but right now, I guess I just feel like they are sort of boring :). Do other people ever get bored of themselves too??? I am always reminding myself why I got into blogging in the first place–it was not for the audience, it was for myself. And I have totally decided not to stress about it if I feel like I am in a slump, but to just ride it out and the mojo will be back, and then I will want to post 5 times in one day, ha! So excited to see you guys next week I pretty much can’t stand it! love to you both!

  3. i’m pumped for the return. and i know what you mean about the whole funk thing. sometimes i want to write a post and i’m like… who cares…. blah! i don’t care! let’s watch a movie! i don’t know where that’s going.

    i think quite a few of us share in this funk. maybe it’s the change of season? no. that’s only an excuse for head colds. um, maybe it’s just that writing every freaking is real hard man! sometimes i do come up with these gems and then i remember that my blog is not anonymous at all and people may find it. then i’m all, i should start an anonymous blog. then i actually try to start it and then i get a brain fart. and then i don’t want to write.

    anyways. how about sharing the salmon burger recipe eh?

  4. The waves are perfectly natural, kid. I’m pumped to see what’s coming!

  5. I’m waiting your next post with baited breath. (Does that mean fish breath?) But why don’t you give yourself a little vacation?

  6. There are days when I just give up and post entries that are really only half-formed thoughts or half-written. There are other days when I just hand the computer over to Tony and say, “Your turn.” I’m sure you can tell my good days from my bad.

    Mulling things over first is probably a good idea.

  7. Oh I lubba the mojo!
    And that je-ne-sais-quoi thing sounds so exciting too!

    This is the only blog I read.

    OK almost only. God bless!

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