Tales From Fishers Island, Part III: Stranger In A Strange Land

When Mary and I were in college together at Pomona, we used to spend hours making up songs together, as well as singing some of our favorite folk songs. Sometimes I’d just sit in her room and play while she did her work; sometimes we’d go sit out on the quad. And what’s more “college-y” than playing guitar on the quad? Besides cheap beer, all-nighters, hacky-sacking, and mixing sprite and coke in the dining hall soda machine, nothing. Playing guitar has always been very meditative for me, a way of zoning out the outside world for a while, and Mary’s presence has always been welcome.

The day of her wedding, I arrived early to help set up and to practice the processional music. Mary, who was remarkably calm and composed, invited me up to her room to serenade her and her bridesmaids as they got ready.

Mary and Dominick didn’t hire an official photographer – instead, they asked friends to split up the day into shifts and take pictures for a couple hours at a time. It’s a truism of wedding planning that the one thing you don’t want to outsource to friends is photography, and I’d imagine that for the most part that’s very wise – but if the photos I’ve seen so far are any indication, in this case it worked really well. Mary’s good friend Izzi had the first shift, and she popped into the dressing room and snapped off a few shots, some of which I’ve posted below.

It was an honor to be there with Mary as she got ready for her wedding. She told me the music helped keep her calm, which obviously went to my head and now I have a huuuuuge ego. Huge. I mostly just diddled around, fingerpicky-styles, until finally I was kicked out when crunch time was approaching and talk turned to boobs and stuff like that.

I’ll leave you with a few photos:


One response to “Tales From Fishers Island, Part III: Stranger In A Strange Land

  1. It was so great to have you there playing that morning. I was feeling pretty calm its true, but it helped to keep me calm and everybody else too! Also I’m glad I never had heard that truism. The pictures from our friends are fantastic. Or maybe we just have great friend photographers. I recommend a boudoire (sp?) Serenador to everybody planning!

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