They’re Photos And We’re Engaged

But they’re not “engagement photos.” But these photos prove a few things: One, Drew is a smashingly good photographer. Two, you don’t need to plan all that much to have a swell photoshoot – this one was totally impromptu. Three, Jessica is the best and really pretty and awesome. Four, I’ve lost 35 pounds since these photos and you can totally tell.

Five, well: here are some fun photos of me and Jessica on the last day of our old apartment, 1905 1/2 Delaware Street in Berkeley, the first (and only) place I’ve ever lived alone and the first place Jessica and I lived together. Thanks again to Drew and Julien for all their help on our moving day (and again to Julien for helping on our second moving day), and to Drew for being such a great photographer and pal.

[The whole set]

Julien is so goddamned photogenic it kills me


4 responses to “They’re Photos And We’re Engaged

  1. Oh my, I LOVE these! Can’t beat those “Our First Place” photos. Who knew Clorox sanitizing wipes on a hard wood floor could be so darn charming? And yes, that is quite a photogenic Julien you’ve got there.

  2. 1/2 Delaware Street?

    sounds like there’s some sort of invisible portal into a wizarding world of magic and mystery… i didn’t see any of those in drew’s photos…. or did i????

    • I really loved having a 1/2 in my address – that was one of the only things I’ll miss about my old place. I did sort of seem like I was living the hobbit’s life with an address like that.

  3. As cute as you guys are, I love the last photo best of all. There’s something about that “Goodbye, first house” hug.

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