Monday Smoochery

I was just chatting with Drew about photos of kissing. He was pointing out the trend in wedding photography to show lots of kissing, and how it felt sort of odd to look at them, and I agreed. It’s weirdly personal, and even though a wedding is a celebration of love and closeness, there’s something indescribably uncomfortable (to me, at least) about gazing upon still shots of people locking lips in a close embrace.

And then I started to think, do I have any photos of me, at all, from any point in my life, kissing anyone? And I couldn’t recall a single one.

And so then, of course, Drew sent me this photo today:

He was helping me and Jessica move a couple months ago, and when the old place was mostly empty we did a little impromptu photoshoot in the bare living room. At one point I grabbed Jessica, probably said “shut up and kiss me,” and planted one on her. It looks like you can see a slight smile on her face; at least I’d like to think that.

And then I thought: well, there’s a photo of me kissing. And I kind of like it, even though it’s also a bit embarrassing. But I decided to post it, because this is a wedding blog, and because I love Jessica, and because, well – shit. Just ’cause.

And if I’m a hypocrite, at least I got a good smooch out of it.


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