Friday Bits Of Tid

It’s been a while since my last installment of Bits of Tid. Entire TV shows have been created and canceled during that time period. Insects have been conceived, born, and died. Celestial bodies have been discovered. Pat Burrell was picked up by the Giants and has been a shot in the arm – Jose Guillen was also picked up and has been OK I guess.

And so on.

So hey, it’s Friday. It’s finally warm here in the Bay – nay, hot – and the little preschoolers are prancing around outdoors, being hosed off by teachers, giggling and screaming ridiculous things that only little kids can say. “Poop is actually yucky when it’s hot!” for example. Or, “I went two thousand five million six hundred twenty five seventy one million miles on the scooter. That’s too far.”

The other night, Drew and Julien and I went on an excursion to the city (ie San Francisco) to take in a movie and hang out old-school-style. We saw Machete – which was really great – and then went to Mel’s Diner, a local (I think?) diner chain that has jukeboxes at every table and I used to think served horrible food, but my burger wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t half good, either. It was 100% “pretty good.” At one point Jessica called and I snuck off to talk to her and Drew snapped this shot of me:

Drew is such a freakin’ Peeping Tom. Geez, Drew.

Jessica and I are once again doggie-sitting for our favorite pair of pitty mutts, Dumpy and Ziggy. You may recall one of my all-time favorite photos of Jessica, which I will re-post here for the umpteenth* time:

*[Here is a glimpse into how my mind works, and for that matter, how Drew’s mind works, and probably Kale too, the third Jokemaker. When I hear the word “umpteenth” I think “there’s a joke in there and it involves and umpire and maybe teeth, or the word teens pronounced with a lisp.” It’s kind of an affliction, really. One I hope I am never cured of.]

Dumpy and Ziggy now live in a great old house in Piedmont, Oakland, in a charming neighborhood near some great restaurants, a rose garden, and Fenton’s, which is a delicious and old ice creamery. Tonight is date Night (w00t!) and we’re likely to eat burgers and watch true Blood.

The handful of you who read this blog on the regular might have noticed that it’s been a while since I posted anything substantive about my own wedding. How astute you are, handful. So clever. You think you know me? You don’t know me.

I mean: we haven’t done much wedding planning in recent times, which frankly is going to have to change, and soon. Now it’s under 10 months until D-Day, and while that’s still a long time, it was just last week that it was 12 months away. Or, it felt like last week. It was probably longer. Like two months.

But I have a lot of fun stuff to post about in the coming days. Photos of me serenading Mary before her wedding on Fishers Island. Photos of a wedding from the guy we just hired to be our photographer. A really exciting new registry site we discovered that’s in Beta mode. Updates on engagement photos. Random jokes. You know, the yoozh.

Anyway. Have a great weekend, and I love you all.


2 responses to “Friday Bits Of Tid

  1. I like being a handful.

  2. i love that photo! what are they thinking about? must have been something you said…

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