Reception Is Great On The West Coast

This past weekend saw the coming and going of what came to be called the “West Coast Reception,” a wedding party at Jessica’s parents’ home to celebrate her brother Sam’s wedding to his lovely wife Emily, thrown especially for all the Bay Area friends and family. This is them, if you’ll recall:

I mean seriously – that is a good-looking couple. Plus, they’re really cool people, so they’re – at the least – two-dimensional. Good-looking AND cool. Beat that!

If anyone cares for some context, or feels like taking a trip down Sam & Emily Memory Lane, or really loves clicking links with their mouse, here are the recaps of the wedding weekend in St. Joe Missouri: Part I | II | III. You’ll note I never got around to writing Part IV, which is too bad because it was going to raise the roof and bring the house down, something never before thought possible by structural engineers.

Probably the first thing to tell about the event was that Jessica’s mom Terri made her amazing mac ‘n’ cheese, which I had the pleasure of tasting for the very first time:

Look at that photo without drooling, I dare you. I double-dare you, even. This is the type of mac ‘n’ cheese that can turn a vegan into a plain old vegetarian, a lactose-intolerant into a cheese-eater, and a Republican into a Democrat for some reason. When I was about to sample it, I said to Emily who was nearby: “Man I can’t wait to try this finally!” and she looked at me with shocked eyes and a cartoonishly dropped jaw, disbelieving, and did one of those rub-your-eyes double takes.

“You’ve never had it?!?!?” she shrieked, causing the little kids in the house to cry in terror. I jumped and dropped my plate and it was a big mess, but the point here was that Emily loves the dish so much she just couldn’t fathom that I’d never tried it before. I eventually regained my composure enough to sample it, and it blew my mind.

Not only did Terri make two pans of it, she also made a delicious pulled pork dish, a giant pot of turkey chili, several different kinds of salads including a curry one and one with bread in it with an Italian name (panakopita?), and stuffed pheasant with a radicchio coulis reduction. Well, OK, not the pheasant one, but she totally was going to until she ran out of time.

My parents came, their first ever visit to Jessica’s parents’ place, and I think it’s clear by the following photo mashup that they had a good time, or at least are very good at faking good-time smiles:

I managed to snap several funny photos of my sister Katy, which I didn’t do on purpose, but my camera has this little button that gets accidentally set to “Make Katy Look Silly” mode all the time without me noticing, like:

Steve, as he does better than anyone on Earth outside of Jesus, Johnny Storyteller, and this one guy who used to tell great stories at my school when I was little, told lots of stories:

At one point, a large crowd of people gathered downstairs in the Steve Walker Media Room to watch some old movies that Steve and his buddies had made many years ago, westerns and detective movies with titles like Innersquad and Hickory & Satch And The Deadly Doctor D. They counted no fewer than seven friends in the room who’d been in the movies; one of the kids of the movie stars who was playing soccer in the street suddenly dropped everything and ran inside, screaming “I’m gonna go see my dad in a movie when he was a kid!” giddily.

Note: I have only seen one, the Deadly Dr. D, a situation I really need to remedy post-haste. It was a fantastic film and I am a fool for not having seen more of them. A damned fool.

As semi-official event photographer, I captured a few raucous reunion-type photos like this one:

And some good ol-fashioned smiling faces like these:

Tom & Emily, clearly looking at two different photographers

Not to mention all the ping-pong that was played:

The whole event was really wonderful, and we especially had Terri to thank for her incredibly hard work cooking and hosting such a lovely affair. It was great to see Sam & Emily, and to have them meet my family, and to meet so many of Steve & Terri’s longtime friends.

And, once again: congrats to Sam & Emily. Now move to California already.


3 responses to “Reception Is Great On The West Coast

  1. thanks, thats awesome, yet another weird pic of me….you are just the best brother ever 😛
    it was great to meet the insanely huge Walker clan, eat the famous Mac n’ Cheese, play some awesome ping pong and be the DD for mom and dad.

  2. looks like crazy fun! smiling faces and ping pong can’t go wrong at all.

    and that mac n’ chez is making me hungry. i want to curl up on the couch with it and whisper sweet nothings to it and then ravage the hell out of it.


  3. When I opened this post last night, Tony saw the picture of the mac ‘n cheese and made a Yummy Noise of the Dr. Frankenstein variety (“You made a yummy noise!” “No, I didn’t!”).

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