Tales From Fishers Island, Part I

After 4 planes, two ferries, a rental car, a horse-drawn buggy and a couple of hoverboards from the movie Back To The Future 2, Jessica and I successfully completed a quick but delightful wedding weekend on Fishers Island off the Connecticut coast. It was such a beautiful couple of days that I feel inclined to stretch it out into perhaps a week’s worth of posts, especially as the photos come trickling in from various places and as I regain my land legs. My mainland legs, I guess – islands count as land. Even little ones.

A brief recap (a bre-cap) – Mary, my wonderful friend from Pomona College, was married on Saturday to Dominick, a swell gentleman who is certainly cool enough to qualify for the position of Mary’s Husband. They did the deed on Fishers Island, which is officially in the state of New York but shhh don’t tell them that because I’m pretty sure they consider themselves New Englanders. Mary’s family owns a home on the Island, which they refer to as The Big House and so of course I made a lot of jokes about prison because you know how I make jokes. Mary and her family (mom and dad, two sisters and a brother) spent summers on the island and try as I may I can’t really picture a more magical place to spend a summer as a kid, except maybe Chocolate Land, but even there the chocolate probably melts when it’s too hot.

It was, to say the least, a packed couple of days. I had the pleasure (and honor) of playing guitar during the ceremony, a duet with a recorder and then solo during the recessional, but perhaps even more fun was that Mary invited me up to the bride/bridesmaids’ getting-ready room before the wedding and I serenaded them all troubadour-style with my twangly twinkly brand of fingerpicking folk guitar. There were nonstop meals, some dancing, beer and wine and coffee whenever you wanted it, and perfect weather for the ceremony; there was a candle-lighting ceremony; adorable little kids; a bonfire on the beach; wonderful speeches and toasts; and best of all I got to spend a little time with my good friend Mary.

Anyway, much more to come on a splendid wedding weekend. Congratulations to Mary and Dominick, a swell couple with a great life ahead of them.


3 responses to “Tales From Fishers Island, Part I

  1. Congratulations to Mary and Dominick from me, as well. I look forward now to the wedding photos. Bravo!

  2. congrats to your pals! 4 planes, a ferry, a hoverboard, a horse and buddy, and a unicorn ride is some serious dedication. whew!

    and after every sentence i wanted to go, “aww yay!”

  3. Congrats to them, and that all sounds so tiring, but glad you had a good time!

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