Stories About Photos II

This week is a little bit nutty. Well – that’s not really all that true, at least not yet. It will get nutty starting tomorrow night when I hop on a cross-country red-eye, change planes somewhere, land at Hartford airport in Connecticut, pick up a rental car, drive an hour to New London, and hop on a ferry to Fishers Island for a short but delightful weekend of wedding festivities. I’ll be playing some classical music during the ceremony, with a recorderist and a violinist, and then some of my own fingerpicky tunes during the recessional.

But in the meantime I’m not feeling super weddingy and so this is a perfect time for another installment of Stories About Photos! Huzzah!

My family, for many years, spent a week around Christmas in Mineral – a CDP (Census Designated Place) in Tehama County, California. Mineral has no more than 150 people, a general store, a little schoolhouse, and a big meadow. We spent most of our time going for walks, playing in the snow, playing games indoors, reading the romance novels that filled the cabin’s bookshelf, and, of course, sledding.

This photo was either taken by my dad or by my friend Katie, and it is one of the two most badass photos of me ever taken – the other is another black-and-white shot of me, with a friend, on a snowy Russian street, in which I am wearing a black leather jacket and just looking as cool as can be, of that I assure you.

Here, I laugh in the face of gravity as I extend a hand out to brace myself on either the ground or a sheer wall of snow. Probably the ground. I may be wearing contacts but it’s more likely that my glasses flew off my face, spinning lens over frame into a snowbank. The intensity on my face betrays the fire in my heart as I execute a near-flawless “backslide-backside pop shove-it Casper flip” and score a 9.89 on the landing.


7 responses to “Stories About Photos II

  1. HUzZAH!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Odd, I remember it being both somewhat more and less impressive…


  3. HaHa Drew. I’d say your version is one that would scare most parents shitless, at least the first photo. Super photo skills, young man.

  4. I’m not convinced that it’s you in that picture.

  5. Andy, I do agree that he looks to slanty eyed to be Bret. Maybe the force of gravity changed his eyes?

  6. That is a SUPER bad-ass photo of you kid! Good work!

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