A Thank Full Of Gas

Here is one of my favorite photos of me and Jessica:

I imagine I’ve probably posted it before, but I like it so much it deserves a repost or two. It was taken in Villa Grande, a very small town on the Russian River a couple hours north of where I live, in our friend Paul’s grandparents’ home, where we spent a lovely weekend with Paul and his excellent girlfriend Mary. Which reminds me, guys: we gotta do that again.

I am mid-bite of something – maybe the pizza I made that night, by the looks of it – after having said something equal parts witty and ridiculous. Jessica is giving me that look that says: “Breeeeeeeeet!” that starts soft and perks up at the end, equal parts loving and joke-mad. This photo sums up our relationship better than any other.

And looking at this photo, and settling into our brand new apartment, a new schoolyear starting, the weather finally warming up, has made me think about what a great life we have. We have great families, a nice home, lots of amazing friends, good food, jobs that don’t pay much but that bring us a lot of joy, hobbies, music, the promise of a new dog on the horizon – we kind of got it made. Sure, we’d love some more money, and a big house with a big yard, and maybe a regular massage on Friday afternoons, oh and maybe a chocolate fountain in the backyard and a basement music studio.

But what we have is pretty great, and I’ll take it anytime.


2 responses to “A Thank Full Of Gas

  1. LOVE that photo – certainly a memory-inducing photograph. Sounds like you guys are off to a good start in your lives together 🙂

  2. Aww, this photo brings back some serious good memories!! I miss you guys. We both do, and yes, we need to go to the cabin again! Perhaps a trip in the fall sometime–wouldn’t that be lovely? This picture makes me so happy because I honestly love you both so much!

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