Things, They’re Happening!

Ok well first, I’d like to share yet another delightful spam comment with you. Comments like this are the primary reason I don’t use captchas on this blog:

This is a good post and may be one that ought to be followed up to see what the results are. A neighbor emailed this link the other day and I’m desperately hoping for your next blog post. Proceed on the exceptional work.

This person is going to be STOKED that I’m posting another entry. They are likely waiting by the computer, hitting reload every ten seconds, salivating at the thought of some new exceptional work. I especially like that it was their neighbor who emailed them the link to the blog. What a great neighbor. I need to start emailing more great blog links to my neighbors.

Second – and this is *big-time* – we hired a photographer!

OK, so we haven’t actually officially hired him. But we have totally exchanged voicemails where I said “Hey man we’d love to hire you send over a contract” and he left me a voicemail back later that said “Hey man I’d love to photograph your wedding and I’ll be sending you a contract.” Plus, I think we all knew – him included – after we first met that eventually we hired him. We just needed to sit on it for a little while.

So: Sweet! Hat tip to Suzanne, who hired this fine fellow* and found him lurking in the deep, dark, shark-infested waters of Budget Wedding Photography, and for Katy, who made me aware of his existence. Jessica and I are very excited about him, about the great job he does, and about checking a huge item off our planning list.

*I’ll put up a better, less anonymous post about this excellent dude once it’s all settled and I have his permission to post some of his wonderful pictures.

Our wedding meetings have become slightly more sporadic but, I’d say, more and more productive. Our last one was a Breakfast Meeting, held at a lovely little spot called Tomate a mere three blocks from our new place, and it was nice to get out of our messy, box-infested home for a bit and have a meeting in a fresh location. We now have “Project Managers” for various items – one of mine is “photography” and let me just say I’m doing a bang-up job – and Action Items following each meeting.

So, you know, things are happening. Moving. Shaking and baking. We set up a joint savings account for the wedding. We’re having meetings. Photographer is basically hired. Guest list is slimming. Timelines are being revised. I, for one, am feeling pretty good about where we’re at.

I had a recent realization, which is that now in my life I have two regularly-scheduled meetings that both have nothing at all to do with my working/professional life. Is that weird? Maybe it’s a little weird. But you know what: they’re fun. And productive. Plus, you’re weird. Weirdo.

Why, just last night a Jokemakers meeting took place in Oakland, during which we went through our back-catalog of jokes and identified over 100 that are punny enough to publish, plus another 20 or so racier jokes that are more suitable for Jokemakers: After Dark once we get that rolling. Here are a couple photos of us during a recent meeting where I made my own deep-dish pizza from scratch:

So, in short, even though my life is filled to the brim with meetings, I know how to meet. Breakfasts at Tomate, pizza-pie dinners with DiPes in hand – I may just have to add a third regular meeting to my agenda.




16 responses to “Things, They’re Happening!

  1. I must say I am impressed by your homemade deep dish pizza! I should try that sometime… was it hard to master? Congrats on finding an excellent photographer. I look forward to finding out who it is!

    • Here is where the recipe is from. It’s quite easy – all you need is yeast, a lot of time, and a couple of round tins. Oh, and a bunch of cheese and canned tomatoes, and some toppings. Note: Though this was my 4th time making it, I somehow forgot to put the cheese UNDER the tomato sauce. Whoops. Still tasted great.

  2. What’s a captcha? And when are you going to complete the Andy Trilogy?

  3. I AM weird!!! Thank you for noticing. 🙂

  4. oh the DiPies. HAHA! and damn you better share that recipe, son!

    but only if you want to.

    I’m considering taking off my captcha so i can get super cool comments like that one.

    Proceed on the exceptional work.

  5. Is that what it takes to hang out with you these days? Planning meetings? Maybe we should start having “friends for life” meetings? What do you think?

    • Here’s how that meeting would go:

      Me: I put forward a motion that we all be friends for life.
      Cristin, Greg, Jessica: Yay.
      Me: All opposed?
      [crickets chirping]

  6. Definitely not someone named Andy

    I too look forward to the conclusion of the Andy Trilogy.

  7. Look guys (Dad & Andy), the Lord Of The Rings trilogy only came out once every three years. You can’t rush greatness.

  8. I have no captcha and I do not get these creepy comments. WHERE ARE MY CREEPY COMMENTS? I want some. Bret, you are now responsible for leaving me comments that sound like spam. (I have a bizarerely large amount of faith in you performing this job)

  9. I get these creepy comments All the Time. WordPress catches them every time, but every now and again, I am so amused, that I like to let them slip through.

    BTW — I love the Hooray graphic.

  10. Hmmm, in order to make this comment, I had to “log out as Bret”. Did my son use my computer when we were on vacation or is this normal ‘Zilla cyber stuffs? No matter.
    ANYWAY… I too want to read the last two parts of the Andy/Drew/(Andrew = completed) Trilogy. Rush your greatness, Mr. Bret Jørgensen Turner!

  11. Alors, je suis contente que tu l’aies utilisé. Vraiment. Je ne l’ai pas caché pour que tu ne puisses pas t’en servir, tu sais. Et donc la langue française compte comme un cryptogramme?

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