Awesome Friend Watch 8/24/10 + Jessica’s 2nd Post!

I am so happy to be back for my second guest post on All Things ‘Zilla. Bret will probably tell you that again I was avoiding writing a guest post – but I just wanted to wait for the perfect post idea to pop in my head. And guess what – it did!

Bret and I are SUPER blessed to have some seriously amazing friends. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about the love and support that we get from them. For example, this weekend we were at Greg’s birthday party in the Santa Cruz Hills. We were chatting with our friends about how we are going to self-cater our wedding and immediately after I mentioned this our friends Josh and Mary Claire, without missing a beat, said, “Tell us what you want us to make and we’ll make it”. Of course, I knew this would happen because they are just that kind of people and also happen to be brilliant cooks, but I deeply respect and appreciate their willingness to help.

The fabulous Josh & MC

I had the same experience with my dear lady friends at dinner earlier in the week where they offered menu ideas and help and my friend Rachel said she would make her own pickles (and other pickled delights) for the wedding! Amazing!

Rachel will probably kill me for this photo but she just looks so damn good and apparently she pickles a mean cucumber.

I was considering this outpouring of love and help and so I had to ask Bret for special blog permission. I snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Bret, my dearest, I have a serious question to ask you,” I said.

“Continue,” Bret replied.

“Well, I would really like to award an Awesome Friend Award. I have a specific person who has really done so much that I want to give her this most esteemed award. Can I? Can I? Can I?????”

Of course, Bret approved this slight breach of protocol in order to allow me to give out an Awesome Friend Award – commonly known as a “Friendie” – to one of the many friends who have become involved in our wedding in meaningful and influential ways.

Today’s Friendie goes to none other than the pulchritudinous and pliable, perceptive and positive, perfect and poised, Pamela!

Just look at Pam and try not to love her. Whoops! You couldn't do it!

Pam and I have been friends since our year together in Korea where the bonds of friendship and bulgogi were formed. We have lived together in three different locations in San Francisco and have traveled throughout South East Asia and Puerto Rico together. (Shout out to my guuurl Lauren, our officiant and previous Friendie recipient, for being vital to these adventures as well.)

Lauren, Pam, and Jessica in Puerto Rico

Pam and I have been through many challenging periods in our lives together and I am always grateful for her wisdom, insight, and continual encouragement during these times. Lately, I have been very lucky because I have been able to spend a bit more time with her than usual and this has led to some seriously incredible wedding preparation. Let me tell you what she has done to deserve the incredible Frendie Award:

She has played a crucial role in what the maidens will wear by researching online options and sending ideas to me; she and I spent a few hours discussing a fantastic “family tree” that we are going to build and which will be gorgeous; and finally, the most incredible of feats, she built us a wedding website! Let me be clear: she built us the most amazing wedding website of all time, in like, three hours. I don’t know how she did it, but as soon I suggested that she build it she dove in and was furiously working at her computer while I cooked chili (and the chili was delish, btw). It is really great, thorough, has tons of pics, and is infused with our personalities throughout. Both Bret and I were incredibly impressed.*  This is Pam’s first nomination and first Friendie Award – it’s a little-known fact that every nominee wins – and perhaps never in the history of awards has one been so richly deserved.

*Note from Bret: SO impressed.

I speak (or write?) for both Bret and myself when I say that we are thrilled to have such a great friend and such an active wedding planner by our side. How did we get so lucky?

Love to all our friends, blog friends, in person friends, old and new friends. We could not make this wedding happen without you.


4 responses to “Awesome Friend Watch 8/24/10 + Jessica’s 2nd Post!

  1. Awwwww so wonderful of you to award a Friendie to Pam! She is very deserving and equally as lucky to have you and Bret!

    I know what you mean about really, I mean really, feeling the love and support of others. Weddings are a lovefest and the true friends will want to be part of it and continue the loving and the festing.

    Good people surround themselves with other good people.

    • I agree, Angie! Planning the wedding has made me think about friendship as much as it has made me think about marriage. It is an interesting and unexpected part of the wedding planning process, but one I really enjoy.

  2. I’m so honored to be a recipient of the coveted Friendie! I’m also honored that I have friends like you two in the first place. It’s a great joy to plan your wedding with you and share in your exciting day. I humbly accept this award on behalf of great friendships everywhere. Thank you, friends!

  3. Oh! I love your Friendies! What a great idea. I just love how much kindness is amplified (or multiplied?) by kindness in this wedding journey.

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