100 Years Of Blogitude

This is my 100th post on All Things ‘Zilla! Huzzah!

Here are a few fun facts about the blog, or if not “fun,” then “somewhat interesting:”

  • I do not like the title “All Things ‘Zilla.” Maybe I’ll post about that one day. I came up with it on the spur of the moment a few seconds after Jessica suggested I start a groom blog back in April. Whenever I tell people about the blog I am slightly embarrassed about the name. I mean, what the heck. Why couldn’t I have done a play on words with “Groom”? Like say, “Fruit of the Groom” or “Va Va Groom” or “Groom Groom Groom Groom, I want you in my Groom” or something?
  • I have had four guest posts – one each by Katy, Jessica, my mom, and Jessica’s mom – and so I’ve actually only penned 96 of them myself. I am working to get Jessica and Katy to write another; Greg is writing one; and I hope Cristin will write one. I’m also devising a plan to get some other wedding bloggers to guest post for me. Shhhhh. Don’t tell them.
  • My first giveaway was so fun I’m thinking of doing it again. You remember, don’t you? I wrote a song for Greg. People liked it. I liked doing it. Maybe I’ll do another for my 150th post. Or heck, for my 136th post. I don’t need to bow to the round-number-ocracy.
  • For fun, here’s the first post ever! I was so young and foolish back then. The frivolity of youth, am I right?
  • I’ve racked up five “Bridezilla Watches” but only two “Groomzilla Watches.” I need to remedy that imbalance. I’ve had far more than two instance of Groomzillery. I had one just this morning, in fact, which occurred mid-planning-meeting.
  • Today featured one of my all-time favorite search terms that led someone to the blog: “inner sunset” -vegansaurus -“general fu.” To recap: someone was searching for “inner sunset” (a neighborhood in San Francisco where I used to live) but got distracted by all the references to vegansaurus and general fu so they eliminated those from the search. Then they found me. Hi there!

Anyhow, I was intending to make a post about one of my three Andrew-Groomsmen, Andy, because it’s his birthday, but I ran out of time. Tomorrow happens to be Drew’s birthday, and so I had planned to just inundate you with Andrewery.

To conclude, I couldn’t have written any of these 100 posts without you, my readers. Well, I suppose I could have. But that would have been a little sad. Like solo Mad Libs, for instance. Andy and I used to – heck, still do sometimes – do Mad Libs together, often with our friend Josh, and in the little booklets they suggest that you can do them by yourself. The image of a young boy doing Mad Libs all by himself use to strike us as pretty sad. Like me blogging with no one reading.

In any case: thanks for reading. You folks are pretty great. Here’s to another 100, and then maybe another 20 or so, and then a break.




13 responses to “100 Years Of Blogitude

  1. Hey, congrats!! That is awesome. My blog reader is better because of this blog!

  2. Whoa! Congratulations, Bret!! You are the BEST!

  3. Oh man, I really hope solo madlibs are something just envisioned by the makers of madlibs, and there isn’t actually some poor kid out there doing them alone.

    Congrats on 100!

  4. Hey Bret,

    Congrats on 100! I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. I must say, your blogs are often an important balm upon my soul. Like today, I’m at med school, I can’t remember the names of the anatomical structures I’m supposed to know, my hands smell like embalming fluid, and my lovely boyfriend just left to get back to grad school in Berkeley. But Fruit of the Groom cheered me up!
    I really like the name Fruit of the Groom. But allthingszilla works, too, and you should say it with pride. Thanks for writing!

  5. Fruit of the Groom is awesome, but I am partial to your Bridezilla and Groomzilla Watch posts, so I like your name.

    If it makes you feel any better, I hate our blog name, too. We had been watching a lot of “As Time Goes By,” and the title of Lionel’s book “My Life in Kenya,” just stuck. In case you haven’t heard the joke, for the first season, Lionel is constantly asked the title of his book followed by “What’s it about?” to which he responds with an irritated look, “Well, my life in Kenya.”

    So that’s unfortunately the only title I could think of, and now it’s stuck. I hate it because what happens when the wedding is over and we don’t live in San Francisco? I imagine the conversations going something like this:
    “You have a blog?”
    “Yes, I do!”
    “What’s it called?”
    “My San Francisco Budget Wedding”
    “But you’re married. What’s it about?”
    “My life in … Southern California.”
    Other person: “Weird.”

  6. I loved your “first post ever”. In fact, it counts among my very favorite of your posts. Nothing wrong with lovely, witty, romantic, narrative. And fyi, I didn’t really write a post. You tricked me, clever son of mine. I wrote a scribbling of paragraphs to give you the info for YOUR writing about the ‘rents marriage. No bother, though.

    • No way! You totally wrote a post. I slapped a little intro on there, but those words were yours. Like it or not, you wrote a guest post.

  7. Donc, une maman écrivaine malgré elle.

  8. Hey there, Bret! Found you over at One Cat Per Person today, so I came over to check out your place. And so far I more than dig it. 🙂

    Glad I got a little Zilla 101 through this particular post. Now I think I’ll proceed to snoop around for a while since, you know, your blog is the only place you *want* a guest to be snooping.

    Take care and keep up the great writing!

  9. Baaahahahahhaa! Groom groom groom groom, I want you in my (g)room. It really is a damn shame you didn’t think of that one sooner! Found you via one cat per person and am looking forward to reading more!

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