On Sunday, Drew and I did a (paid) favor for a friend and shuttled people back and forth between a parking lot and a wedding. The mother of my friend and groomsman Andrew got married in the backyard of her now-husband’s home – actually, her home too – in front of 120 or close friends and family, on a typically cold and cloudy Berkeley summer day. My sister Katy made the dress, her second wedding dress, and I cannot wait to see the photos because let me tell you, that dress was hott. You’ll be sure and notice two t’s in the word hott.

One group of elderly shuttlees, clearly after my own heart, were talking on the way to the wedding about where Ann & Erich were going to have their honeymoon. It was mentioned by another guest that he believed they were going to take a trip somewhere with their kids, whereupon a woman exclaimed, “why, that’s not a honeymoon, if the kids are there too! What a nightmare!”

“Well,” a guest replied, “if it’s not a honeymoon, what then would you call it?”

“I’d call it… a funnymoon!”

Laughter erupted in the van. A pun! I didn’t say anything, since I was loosely involved in a conversation with a woman in the front seat, but of my course my pun-dar went on Red Alert. Or Code Blue, I forget which one is more important, or if they’re even part of the same alert system. I need to bone up on my alert systems. I need to “bone up” more in general.

Probably my favorite Google image search result for "funnymoon"

Little did I know that this was merely the beginning of a pun-onslaught over the brief, 6-block drive to the wedding. The “funnymoon” comment led my shuttlespeople to rack their brains for more wedding-related wordplay, sticking with the theme of “nightmares & weddings.”

“It’s not a reception,” one of them said, “it’s a deception!” More laughs.

“Yeah,” someone piped up, “and it’s not an engagement, it’s an enragement!”

“And it’s not a ceremony, it’s a terror-mony!”

By then the shuttle was a-tremble with laughter. Had I not been engaged in a conversation, I would surely have joined in with some of my own wedding puns, notably the most a propos one, the one-liner from a wedding cynic: “Walk down the aisle? More like, walk down the I won’t!”

So, anyway. That’s the story of that. The puns weren’t even particularly thrilling, but the combination of me, dressed all fancy-pants, driving a bunch of goofy elderly folks in a large van to a wedding a few blocks away, was happiness enough for me on a sort of a strange day of sitting and driving and waiting and driving.

And plus, spending a day with Drew is always a good thing. We played HORSE with a basketball we found lying around – actually, we modified it and played POTUS instead – we ate burritos, blasted tunes, and punned ourselves silly. “Get thee to a punnery!” and such.

The end!

PS – tomorrow, Jessica and I have our second wedding meeting scheduled. We’re going to be discussing our Action Items and setting forth new ones for next time! Yes!


8 responses to “Punnymoon

  1. funny old people are the best. way better than the grumpy ones.

  2. I love me some old people. At work, I am lucky enough to see them with a little anesthesia on board and they get even funnier, believe me.

  3. I went to a wedding where the officiant made a punnish-type comment during the ceremony. Said to the groom: “The bride walks down the aisle and all you see and think is how beautiful she is. The bride walks down and see the aisle, the altar, and you. Aisle… altar… you. Aisle… altar… you…We’ll get married and I’ll alter you!” Then he goes on about marriage is not about changing each other, but growing with each other, etc.

  4. That bus sounds like a fun ride.

  5. Love me a bus ride with some cynical & hilarious old people….oh wait…that’s a pretty specific situation. I’m not sure I’ve been in that one. But it sounded fun & hilarious!

  6. I like the “hilarious old people” bit but would like to point out that we don’t really think we’re old and so often do not act old.

  7. It great that everyone was having a great time and laughing. It sure beats awkward silence.

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