By Gum, They’ve Done It

There’s a lot to blog about these days:

  • Something has happened to the layout of my blog. I’m not sure if my theme got changed, or updated, or what, but my sidebar widgets disappeared (I put some of them back), the comments look different, and a few other little things have changed. I find myself highly annoyed at WordPress for not notifying me of anything. Maybe it’s time change the layout of my blog anyway.
  • Last weekend, Jessica and I went to a wedding, and I will be posting about all the great things we want to steal from it as soon as I can find the cord that connects my camera to the computer.
  • Yesterday I chauffeured guests to and from the wedding of my groomsman Andrew’s mom, a new experience for me; also, Katy made the wedding dress and I can’t wait to post photos of it because it was gorgeous.
  • Jessica and I had our first wedding meeting and it went swimmingly. We have Action Items!
  • I am now two posts away from 100… and my comment will be the 500th on the blog! Make it a good one, whoever you are!

But for now, the most important thing is to wish a heartfelt, excited, loving congratulations to our dear friends Cristin and Greg, who got engaged a couple days ago:

It's like they were meant for each other or something

Congrats, you crazy kids!

I’m hoping Cristin will write a guest post about the proposal. Come on, Cristin! Guest posting! Everyone’s doin’ it!

Anyway, Jessica and I are incredibly excited for these two, especially because it pretty much confirms what we already knew: we shall all be friends forever. And we’ve already decided our future kids will be best friends. You hear that, future kids? Play nice!




11 responses to “By Gum, They’ve Done It

  1. Hooray! HUGE congrats to Kristin and Greg!

  2. I loved going to weddings and stealing ideas.

  3. Cristin MUST post! Yes! love the idea! And that is a beautful picture… really good work!

  4. As the maman of Bret and the future maman-in-law of Jessica, I congratulate Kristin and Greg as well!

  5. Ahem….what about Greg? Can he guest post too? This is a GROOM blog after all! šŸ™‚ Yay for all of you guys! And it was great to see you guys this weekend. That surely doesn’t happen often enough.

  6. i love making our friends promise that our kids and their kids will be bff’s.

  7. (Just found your blog via One Cat Per Person) I also used the Cutline theme and I’m super sad it apparently got eaten up by the “Coraline” theme. Little things are different and I don’t like change! Listening to this song did not really make me feel better:

    Look forward to reading your blog!

    • Welcome, Robin! I look forward to reading yours as well! It’s sort of psychologically weird to visit your blog and have it look exactly the same as mine – like I’m peering into an alternate universe where I’m a woman writing a wedding blog. Or something.

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