Just The Jokes, Ma’am

As you’re likely sick and tired of hearing, I have a Joke Blog. When something monumental hits the headlines, I sometimes feel a self-imposed duty to pun about it. Yesterday’s ruling on Proposition 8 – which I’m planning a longer, less punny post about tomorrow – was no exception. I thought I’d share a few of my (and Drew’s) gay-loving, bigot-smacking, puntastic jokes for you here:

Did you hear that Prop 8 went for a stroll?
It was out for its morning unconstitutional.

What homophobic law comes after to, under, through, above, for, below, and about?
Preposition 8.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 voted for Prop 8.

Why wasn’t 7 afraid of 8?
Because 8 was on the wrong side of history!

Why was 8 afraid of 9?
Because enough nein votes would’ve defeated 8.

Why was 6 jealous of 7?
Because 6 has a crush on 7 and saw 7 proposition 8.

Why were 6 and 7 afraid of 8?
Because the idea of a law outlawing their love was morally and physically repulsive to them.



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