Movin’ Day

I won’t be posting today. Well – I guess this technically is a post. You got me there. But it will not be substantial. I’m moving today, or at least doing part one of a two-part move, and taking the day off work.

Today also happens to be our -1st Anniversary! Exactly one year from today we will be bejoindst in unholy matrimony. One whole year. It’ll fly by, I am sure.

We had breakfast this morning with our moving partner Drew, and decided that the traditional anniversary gift for the -1st is: Breakfast. You go out to a nice, leisurely breakfast. That’s your gift to each other. Wayyyy better than paper.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about:



Your friend,



3 responses to “Movin’ Day

  1. Happy -1. I’m sure your 0 will be wonderful. Here’s a gift for you guys (really probably more appropriate for your other blog but ah well). I think a joke is the -1 gift.

    An old man hears a knock on the door as he’s lying in his hospital bed and says “who’s there? Friend or enema?”
    Happy anniv.


  2. Happy -1st!!!! hope the move went well! (this is getting all your stuff up to mom and dad’s, right?)

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