Engagement Photos – A Teaser

Jessica and I have not taken any engagement photos yet. I don’t know what the typical timeframe is for engagement photos, but I’m hoping that since we’re still over a year away – one year tomorrow, in fact – we’re still ok. I mean, we don’t even NEED them, really. As much as I love them, and as much as I want Jessica and I to have them, they strike me as a little odd sometimes. They’re a part of the engagement/wedding process that really screams HEY LOOK US US WE’RE SO DAMN CUTE AND WE HAVE THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT.

But at the same time: look at us! We’re so damn cute! And soon, we’ll have the pictures to prove it.

Weird how that works.

At the very least, we have started to discuss what we want out of our engagement photos, and moreover have chosen our photographer: esteemed friend, world-class photographer, fellow punster, and Best Man Drew.

Our basic idea thus far is this: we’d like our engagement photos to reflect, in some way or another, our first few dates. Here is a quick rundown of those dates:

#1 – A’s game, which I posted a little about here and more about here. We went to EZ-5, a weird little bar near out old office, and headed off to the game on Bart. It was a great first date. Jessica would later claim that she knew instantly we were a great match, though I am skeptical. But I cannot verify my skepticism. I like to tell her “I knew and loved you before I met you,” quoting that very odd and frankly creepy tune by Savage Garden.

#2 – Went out to the Inner Sunset, the neighborhood in San Francisco I used to live in, and walked around. We ended up in a beautiful garden-y area outside the De Young Museum, I asked her if I could kiss her, and she said yes. So, I did.

We had dinner at Cafe Gratitude, a raw/vegan restaurant that specializes in a weird pseudo-cult-like atmosphere of weird new-wave weirdery, with weird art and sayings everywhere and a menu full of items like “I am beautiful” (an orange creamsicle milkshake), “I am a hero” (noodles with sauce), and “I am honoring” (nachos). The food is good, though, and we had a fantastic time. Actually, we always have a fantastic time whenever we hang out.

#3 – Had dinner at a funky little sushi place in the Castro colloquially known as “no-name sushi” even though I think it does technically have a name. Afterwards I visited her place for the first time and met many of her 6 roommates.

#4 – Jessica came out to Berkeley on a Sunday and we went to the Steam Trains:

The steam trains, for those who don’t know, are perhaps the absolute most fun thing you can do in Berkeley. It’s a little train, two seats wide, that winds its leisurely way through a small section of Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills (not far from the Bridezilian Room where we are getting married). The conductor comes by and hole-punches your tickets, says “all aboard!”, and there’s even tunnels. If you’re ever in the bay area, you’ve just gotta go. I mean look at it:

We went back to my place and had Drew over for dinner, and if I recall correctly, I made potato pancakes with avocado and chicken. A grand time was had by all.

So – that’s the very general outline. We have a lot of options on how to incorporate those dates into  a photoshoot:

– Physically going to the locations and take photos there. Fun, but very time-consuming, plus some logistical issues.

– Recreating the dates with props and costumes, like in a field or a room something. Logistically easier with potential for hilarity.

– Using the magic of photoshop, do #2 but sort of pretend (although not really) that we’re doing #1 using backgrounds.

Brilliant readers: any brilliant suggestions?


4 responses to “Engagement Photos – A Teaser

  1. I adore the photo of you two on the little train. If that was THE authentic #4 photo of you guys, you’ve already got one super engagement photo. A question: Did this train ride have anything to do with the time papa and I saw you and Jessica (first time seeing Jessica) drive by our house in our Nissan that that we momentarily forgot that you’d borrowed? P.S. I ‘ve never heard of “engagement photos”. Are they a new thing, an old times thing being revived?

    • Right you are! We were on our way up to Tilden when we saw you – I drove us past your house so I could show Jessica where I grew up. Little did you (or I) know that she would one day be my fiancee.

  2. I’m all for the recreation with props and hilarity. In my mind it looks kind of like a silent movie, like with big signs that let the watcher/looker get the gist in a totally obvious, funny way.

    Bonus points if you wear a handlebar mustache and/or tie your intended to a train track and then save her. (For some reason these stick out as silent movie staples in my mind, I may be totally making that up and therefore super creepy…?)

  3. Haha! Kerry’s onto something. You could go all out Dick Dasterdly style.

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