Woop Woop – It’s Date Night

This morning, Jessica dropped me off at the grocery store on her way to work so I could get myself a little mini baguette for breakfast, while she got herself her favorite drink: a soy chai. I put honey and butter on my little baguette and let me just tell you, it was delicious. It was still warm and it was sourdough and just forget about it.

As I strolled home, secure and happy in the knowledge that soon I’d be eating my baguette, I got a text from Jessica that simply said “Date night!”

I'm not going to see this movie

Despite the fact that she might have been driving when she sent that, which I do not condone, it further extended the smile on my face and I texted back “date night woop woop.”

We don’t usually go out for date night. I get myself a nice big beer, Jessica has a little beer or maybe some wine, and we watch a movie or a TV show or some baseball and just hang out. One or both of us make dinner, although given the size of our kitchen – and our different cooking styles* – we generally cook solo. Tonight, I’m making lemon chicken with broccoli, with perhaps a slice of homemade bread on the side. Jessica doesn’t even know this yet. We both just read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and we’re going to watch the movie tonight. Did you know that in Swedish, the book title translates to Men Who Hate Women? That’s a far more apt title. That’s pretty much what the book is about.

*[Generally speaking, Jessica likes to follow the recipe closely, and I’m more of a “wild man” in terms of directions. “We don’t REALLY need basil in this sauce,” I might say, whereas Jessica wouldn’t dream of omitting it if the recipe calls for it. On the other hand, every once in a while, when the moon is full and Venus is in its fifth house, for no discernible reason she will just go crazy-nuts and replace every ingredient of a recipe with another. Like these meatballs one time. She replaced tomato paste with ketchup, which normally would be totes cray-cray. I don’t remember what else she did but the final product was a shell of its former self. They were delicious, of course. She’ll probably deny this but it’s iron-clad, unvarnished truth.]

I’ve been cooking a lot recently, mostly because I’ve been on a health kick. I made balsamic chicken with mushrooms last week. I’ve been steaming chard. Last night, I made us some burgers.

“But Bret,” you say, “Burgers are not what I would consider healthy.” But I made them on Vital Vittles 9-grain bread, toasted, with lean beef and sauteed mushrooms and tomato and my god they were delicious. The night before, at Drew’s house before we saw Inception*, we ate sauteed chicken on some of my homemade bread with some raw bell pepper on the side.

*[I liked Inception. But I have to say, during the meat of the story, where’d all the cool dream stuff go? The bending buildings and cool locations? Why did they stop doing that during the hour-long climax?]

By the way, I haven’t really been posting about weddings much recently. This likely coincides with the fact that we haven’t been doing much planning. But I assure you that coming up I will actually post about the things I’ve been promising to post about, like engagement photos and photobooths and my groomsmen and all that. This is a wedding blog, after all, so I imagine my readers thinking, “Yo! Goober! Where’s the wedding stuff?”

In conclusion, have a great weekend, and always remember:

I think you’re great.


Really great.




3 responses to “Woop Woop – It’s Date Night

  1. Oh man, those meatballs were delish! And cray-cray, of course.

  2. I’m hungry now! Bye!

    Just kidding.

    Random question inspired by your diff cooking styles- are you an ENFJ and is Jessica an INFP? I swear to goodness sometimes you remind me of me and Jessica reminds me of Josh.

    In any case, I re-took and he first-time-took the Myers-Briggs online and found out that ENFJs and INFPs are like, the perfect match. Like peanut butter and jelly…. or honey and baguette.

    Tonight’s our date night too!! We’re going to hit up some Degrassi and Netflix! And Josh is teryaking it up in the kitchen. These kind of nights are my fave. You two have fun!!!!

    • Hmm, interesting question – I haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs test since middle school. I’ll have to take it again. I’m actually very curious to see what it reveals… I’ll report back!

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