Here’s To Three More

Jessica and I met at Intrax Cultural Exchange, a company with several sub-companies that all deal in foreign exchange – an au pair service, a work exchange company, a language school, two study abroad companies, and so on. Jessica worked for AYUSA, a non-profit that brings foreign high schoolers to the US for a year; I worked for Intrax Study Abroad, for American high schoolers spending a semester or year abroad.

Around a year after I started working there, I noticed an extremely attractive new gal with very long, curly hair and a great smile. I asked my friend Jillian – who turned out to be her supervisor – who she was.

“That’s Jessica Walker,” she said, “and she is awesome. You want me to introduce you to her?”

“Um, yes,” I said. The ‘um’ was for emphasis.

At a staff party a little later, true to her word, Jillian marched me over to Jessica and introduced us. We’d actually met in the meantime and had a couple brief, flirty conversations, including one in the mailroom where she spied me checking her out. She was wearing a miniskirt, after all, and I was powerless. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was checking ME out, too. I was wearing a miniskirt*, after all, and she was powerless.

*[Or slacks and a shirt. I can’t remember now.]

I mentioned to her at some point that I had a hookup for free A’s tickets and offered to take her to a game. For some reason – likely related to my very poor self-confidence resulting from years of bad dates and no girlfriends – I neglected to follow up on my offer. Luckily, Jessica was having none of it. She emailed me at work and asked me, point blank: “So. When are you taking me to an A’s game?”

That was enough reassurance for me – reassurance that she indeed was interested in me – and I got us tickets to that Friday’s game. We had a drink after work and then headed to the game; she told me about herself, that she had a brother who played minor league baseball in Reno and how she lived with 6 other people in an apartment in Noe Valley and they had a group blog called The Magnificent 7. I likely cracked a lot of jokes, which she was kind enough to laugh at.

I don’t remember anything about the game. I had to look it up – apparently the A’s almost got no-hit by Erick Bedard of the Orioles and ended up losing 6-1. I paid loose attention to the game, which is unusual for me. But it’s not every day I’m accompanied by a hot babe. Well, now it is. But it wasn’t back then.

The date of the game was July 20th, 2007, three years ago today, 4 years and 8 days before our wedding. Not a bad length of time to get to know someone, although we both now agree that it wasn’t long into our relationship that we each separately decided that this was the real deal.

So – happy anniversary, baby. We may very well celebrate by signing a lease on a new apartment tonight, if all goes well, a new chapter in our life. Here’s to three more years, three more after than, and then we’ll re-evaluate.

Just kidding. Here’s to a lifetime.


14 responses to “Here’s To Three More

  1. Happy happy anniversary! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations you two! and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND ALMOST -1YEAR ANNIVERSARY! πŸ™‚
    I love you both unconditionally

  3. Aawwwh. Damn. I can’t spell the sound I’m making. It’s a nice sound, an affectionate sound, a happy sound. Happy first date anniversary to a wonderful couple.

  4. Haha! I hope your miniskirts didn’t match. That’s always super awkward. Also, I want to reference baseball since you mentioned our O’s, but I can’t back it up. At all. Good luck with that lease and Octavia and a claw foot tub and a W/D!!!!

    Um, you two are adorable. And the Um is used for emphasis.

  5. I’m very glad Jessica prodded you for a date, and then encouraged you to write this blog. You’re a fantastic writer and a joy to read.

  6. Hello. First time commenter, long time secret reader. I’m friends with Jessica from high school and our brothers played baseball together for many many years. Bret, I don’t know you but felt compelled to leave a comment after this post. I love your blog and absolutely love this post especially. I’m so happy for you both. Congratulations on three years and a lifetime more to come!

  7. I too love your writing and these tender stories. And, um, congrats.

  8. Bret!!!!!! You’re SO GODDAMN FUNNY I CAN’T TAKE IT. I just read your comment on infidelity and your first line had me on the floor. By the way, please do note that we played that car game you suggested – you know, where you both say a word and work towards saying the same word – and it went swimmingly. I shall be blogging the experience soon. Stay tuned. Thank you for the suggestion! πŸ™‚ By the way, I really hope it was a miniskirt. Because that would mean she really really really loves the true you. The miniskirt-wearing weirdo you. Or maybe she does anyway. But that woulda PROVED it, right?

  9. I just said “by the way” twice in my comment. I need to find more transitional phrases and then return with them before I start writing about three different topics in a comment. Ok done. Have a great night biotch!

    • By the way, I am excited to hear about you playing One Two Three! I just love that game. It’s so freaking nerdy, I think is why.

      I’ll never tell if I was actually wearing a miniskirt.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Dan and I had our first date at a Giants game and here we are nine years later! So baseball MUST be good luck!

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