Weekend Weekap

Another weekend, come and gone.

The weather has finally brightened a bit around here, which is nice, even for me. I tend to be a little odd in that regard – I like cool/cold weather more than the heat. I love the fog, love the rain, and am most comfortable wearing a warm sweatshirt or jacket and feeling the cold air. Growing up in Berkeley, it’s not true cold like elsewhere in the country, so I might be singing a different tune if I’d grown up in, say, Buffalo. But I did spend part of a winter in Saint Petersburg, Russia, wearing every piece of clothing I’d brought, slipping on the ice, the cold air blasting my face, the snow filling up my lenses and blinding me… and I loved it. My host family thought I was nuts. I probably was. “С ума сошли?” host mama Nadya would ask. “Are you out of your mind?”

Part of it is the simple fact that it’s far easier to get warm than it is to get cool, especially around here where air conditioning isn’t the norm. We only get a couple of heat waves per year here anyway, and they tend to happen in September and October, so I don’t have much to complain about; but when the temperature starts to creep up, I start to get uncomfortable. My pals Andy and Josh make relentless fun of me for this – “Is it a little hot out here guys?” they’ll say, in gentle mocking geek-tones, tugging at their shirts around the neck.

It’s out of love. Right guys?

So, it’s been warmer, and even I can get behind that from time to time – it hasn’t been warm around here for a long time. On Sunday, Cristin and Greg came over and we went out to Redwood Park in Oakland and took a little stroll. We ate Jessica’s potato salad and chicken salad on my homemade bread, talked about weddings, and I regaled them with a new joke of mine that combines Star Wars and baseball in ways never before thought possible. Greg loved it, Cristin groaned, and Jessica tolerated it. What good friends they are. Cristin was walking around with an umbrella because she got some sort of facial treatment that involved crazy chemicals that she was not prepared for and had to stay out of the sun for a couple days. Luckily, Cristin is the type of gal who can make walking in a redwood forest on a hot day with an umbrella look classy.*

*[Cristin also got Jessica and me an impromptu wedding gift: beautiful champagne flutes from Gumps in San Francisco, which happens to be where my parents registered for their wedding over 30 years ago. What a doll, that Cristin.]

Jessica and I have not done much wedding planning in recent weeks. She’s been busy assistant-teaching “Kindergarten Boot Camp” in East Oakland and doing lessons on the letters N and Q; I don’t have as good an excuse, and it turns out that blogging about weddings is not the same thing as planning them, despite my claims to the contrary. And frankly, we get sick of it sometimes, even though we’re still over a year away – it can get to be too much. So much to plan, to organize, follow through on, research… and it’s just one thing. A wedding. A big party.

But we’ll get back into it. Next Wednesday, the 28th, is our -1st Anniversary, which perhaps will jump-start us again. And besides, we’re moving, which takes a lot of energy – we spent the weekend visiting apartments in Berkeley, which ranged from cute and charming to utterly depressing and lifeless. We’re actually on the verge of signing a lease, pending a final visit – a cute little place with a washer/dryer in the apartment, a dishwasher, plenty of outdoor space, a clawfoot tub, and an old cat who lives outdoors named Octavia. We’ll know by tomorrow if we’ve taken it, but it’s looking good.

Here are some posts possibly coming up in the near future:

– The Tale of the Three Andrews, Parts II & III
– Engagement photo brainstorms
– Did you know I write and self-published a book about a devious Mormon sect and a talking lion? I bet you did not. Well, a couple of you do.
– A DIY photobooth project for the wedding
– More beer talk
– First date memories




6 responses to “Weekend Weekap

  1. Um, love may be a bit of an understatement. Star Wars and baseball? That’s a great way to my heart.

  2. Oh man, it must be so hot there you forgot that you CO-wrote a novel about a devious sect of Mormons and a talking lion. Ahem.

  3. 1. So what’s the joke?
    2. You write that it’s easier to get warm than to get cool, but as my old mentor, Dave Brower, who led trips for the Sierra Club and did a million other notable things used to preach on trips into the outdoors, where it really counts, it’s easier to stay warm than to get warm.

  4. Yea wedding blogging does not equal wedding planning. Haha! Thinking about wedding planning does not equal actually planning it…. much to my dismay I found that out too late in the game.

    I have faith that it gets done one way or the other.

    And “a cute little place with a washer/dryer in the apartment, a dishwasher, plenty of outdoor space, a clawfoot tub, and an old cat who lives outdoors named Octavia” sounds like the most awesmoest place to live. Each of things together is pretty rad, but throw them all into one leasable space is stellar!

  5. So excited for you guys to move! WASHER AND DRYER!!! Outdoor space!! This is my dream life. So happy for you guys!

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