[Bottles ‘n’ Shit ‘n’ Junk]

Whenever I get an idea for a blog post, I create a new post and put a general description of it between brackets. Essentially, it’s so that I’ll remember the idea, and the brackets remind me that I need to change the working title.* This one struck me as being informative enough that I decided to leave it up.

*[I learned a few interesting tidbits about working titles. Some famous ones are Blue Harvest (for Star Wars) and Scrambled Eggs (for the Beatles’ Yesterday); but did you know that High School Musical was one until it was declared the official title? Sometimes, as you may know, working titles are designed to reveal nothing about the production and to ensure secrecy around the movie; some notable ones are: Rory’s First Kiss (The Dark Knight), Star Beast (Alien), Planet Ice (Titanic), Clowns Can’t Sleep (Ocean’s Twelve), and Party In Fresno (War Of The Worlds). How about that? Is anyone listening? Hello?]

Anyway, as you may recall, we have been gathering bottles and jars to use as vases at our wedding. Like a lot of people our age (as I’ve been learning), we really love jars and nice bottles. They’re just so… pleasing, somehow. Solid. Smooth. Clean. See-through. Feels nice in the hand. Everything you want in an object, I suppose. I’d like to nominate jars as my “Object Of The Year.”

Here is (most of) our collection so far:

That lovely panther you see there in the middle was made for me by my good friend Abby for my 18th birthday; she carved it herself out of soapstone. It’s pretty amazing. That fondue pot belongs to Jessica and she and I have never used it together, for some reason. It might be time to remedy that.

In any case, if you happen to live nearby, and stumble across any awesome bottles or jars you want to spare, let me know. We have a pretty good handle on milk jars, pickle jars, ‘picklemilk’ jars, and the like, but would be interested in some unusual and/or older jars and bottles.

And this brings me to:

“What’s that?” you ask. “Are those… beer bottles? In a drying rack? Label-less beer bottles? JUST WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL, TURNER?”

Well first of all, settle down. Those are indeed label-less beer bottles drying in a drying rack. Nothing to get all worked up about.

We are collecting beer bottles, washing them out, and stripping the labels off. On Sunday we went to a barbecue and as we were leaving we gathered a bunch of empty bottles (non twist-off only!) and brought them home. I believe this may be my first mention of this on the blog, but: we have a friend making us a wedding brew. And that, my friends, is pure awesome. I’m not going to say much more about that for now, because he’s still working on what to make and all that. But I will say that as a lover of good beer, I am really and truly excited.

At my friend Katie and Lyal’s mountain wedding last summer, the father of the groom, Steve – who is an excellent brewer – made this:

As you can see it was a honey ale, light, crisp, and delicious. The drawing is Lyal’s, of the two of them and their crazy cat Banshee. On the bottom it says “Pömönä Brewing,” which you can read more easily in the following photo – Pomona is the street Steve lives on.

This is the label for the beer he made for Lyal’s brother Richard’s wedding just a few days ago:

label by janis Poe

Man, I love homemade labels. I don’t yet know the plan for labeling our wedding beer bottles, but I imagine it’s going to be a pretty fantastic process. Having homemade beer at the wedding is wonderful, kick-ass DIY-ery that pretty much everyone can get behind.




12 responses to “[Bottles ‘n’ Shit ‘n’ Junk]

  1. I like it. I like it a lot and I’m uber jealous right now.

    The working title of Ocean’s Twelve should have been. “Julia Roberts playing a Julia Roberts look alike? Really? Are we sure we want to do this?”

  2. Holy crap you two are awesome.

    Not sure if you’re into jarred sauces, but we discovered Classico has the best jars. Their real and true mason jars. Once you get it down to it’s birthday suit, they are quite beautiful.

    And you must share details about the brew! If and when possible.

    And the working titles facts are purdy awesome.

  3. i nominate the thorpedo to make you guys some awesome beer labels.

  4. I second the nomination for jars as your “object of the year”. =) The Straus bottles are pretty much my favorite, which you already have. They make me feel like a farmhand, living a wholesome life. 😉 And yay for homemade beer awesomeness… you won’t regret it!

  5. Wedding homebrew? That is awesome!

    As are jars.

  6. Sometimes you sign your posts like letters and sometimes you don’t. JUST WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL, TURNER?

  7. We hade ourselves some wedding homebrew and it was fantastic. I am loving your blog, gonna go and check out more.

  8. I can spell in real life.

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