My Eternal Boo

I was hanging out with my Jokemaker boys last night, putting the finishing touches on our joke blog. First things first: It’s going live on Monday. For those whose ears I haven’t talked off about my joke blog, two friends – Drew and Kale – and I have been collecting our homemade jokes for the past year and have decided to make a blog of them. We have close to 200. We are, perhaps unduly, extremely excited to unveil it. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday. You can’t wait. One thing I can tell you is that on Sundays, we will feature “The Sunday Brunchline” – a joke (or two) published around brunch time for you to read with coffee and a bagel.

And just for fun, here’s a joke that was crafted last night during our meeting:

What’s the most dignified way to prepare Mexican broccoli?
You esteem it.

In the car driving to Kale’s house, I brought up something that Drew and I do at baseball games. When something bad happens – an error, a bad call by the umpire, something like that – one of us will start to boo, loudly and continuously. When he flags a bit, the other will start up with “ooooooo,” the other one stops, and then we keep switching back and forth until it becomes overwhelmingly awkward in our seating section. We call this “The Boo Relay” or “The Longest Boo.” It leads to confused glances, awkward laughter, and shattered lives.

Kale suggested we could also call it “The Eternal Boo.” We laughed. We cracked wise. We settled down. And then it came to us: that’s what I can call Jessica. She’s my Eternal Boo. At the altar, I could start my vows (which she would be hearing for the first time) with: “Jessica. My dearest love. My soulmate. My… eternal boo.”

It would be so romantic.

Here she is: my Eternal Boo.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and may you all find your eternal boos, or if you already have, cherish him or her for all eternity.


8 responses to “My Eternal Boo

  1. Bwahaha. Love names should never be spoken in public, even at your wedding.

    That joke, btw, was a complete groaner. Looking forward to your new blog.

  2. I don’t know, eternal boo, I’m getting a strong ghost vibe from that.

  3. Haha looking forward to your blogaroo, part deux. That is a GORGEOUS photo of her! Beautiful girl!

  4. My first time to your site & you are cracking me up over here. You are definitely already a favorite & I can’t wait to see your joke blog. Also, I agree with Lizzie, gorgeous fiance!

    • Well hello Sassy Bride! Thank you for reading! And you and Lizzie are both right. Jessica is so very pretty.

      I’m gonna head over to your blog RIGHT NOW and check it out.

  5. Eternal Boo sounds like an awesome R Kelly song.

    I am pumped for this joke blog going live.

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