The Weekend: The Recap

Sometimes when we’re just reading in bed or otherwise hanging out, or “chilling,” Jessica loves to recap all the things we did over a particularly fun day or weekend. “Today,” she’ll say, “we got up, then we had breakfast, and it was so good, and then we walked to the farmer’s market, and we bought some peaches, and they were really delicious.” I usually interject with some “mm-hmm”s and some “yeah”s and some “I don’t remember it that way”s and some “you so crazy”s and otherwise fill in some missing details that she may have forgotten, and/or praise some of the decisions she and I made.

I shall use this as “framing device” for how our weekend went. This is a tool used by authors and filmmakers and other storytellers to “frame” a “device.” At least that is my understanding.

“This weekend,” Jessica said to me the other night, “it was so much fun.”
“That’s right,” I said.
“On Friday,” she continued, “I did laundry for six hours-”
“-four hours,” I interrupted. Rudely.
“I think it was six hours. If you include all the folding. Which we both should include. Anyway, you went to work, and then I picked you up at work and we went to Suzanne’s house to celebrate Katy’s new job, and we met Suzanne’s dogs Puppet and Reese and saw the house she just bought, and ate tortilla chips, and Puppet drooled dramatically when Katy showed his a tortilla chip. We talked a lot about weddings because Suzanne is getting married really soon and has given us lots of great advice like for photographers and stuff. Then on the way home I bravely and unexpectedly suggested we go see a movie right as we were approaching the Powell St. exit on the freeway.”
“That was a great idea,” I added.
“Thanks baby. Then we drove to the first movie theatre and nothing was playing, except Sex & The City 2, which was at the wrong time.”
“And it’s debatable whether I would have wanted to see it then, in any case. It’s 2 1/2 hours long and I wasn’t under the influence of anything.”
“That’s right, baby,” she continued. “So then we went over to the OTHER movie theatre and ate the food of Afghans at the food court.”
“Which was my idea,” I said, “and also I think it’s called Afghani food, not the food of Afghans.”
“Oh, yeah. Afghani food. So then we saw Knight and Day, which was a really fun and action-packed movie, and we were reminded that even though Tom Cruise is totally insane that he’s a really charismatic actor, and then we went home and went to bed. Then the next day we got up, then we had breakfast, and you had huevos rancheros and coffee and I had eggs benedict and tea, and then we walked to the farmer’s market, and we bought some peaches and apricots, and they were really delicious.”
“They sure were,” I added. “So delicious.”
“So then, we cleaned and packed some books into paper bags and you took them up to your parents’ house, and we discovered some more mold behind the bookcase, which was really gross, and I cooked allllll day.”
“What did you make?”
“Well, I made an apricot upside-down cake for one of my classmates who gave me a bag of apricots, and I made a peach & crème fraiche pie for Sunday, and then I made us that delicious strawberry shortcake with the whipped cream on top for dessert.”
“That was really freaking good, by the way.”
“Yes it was, baby. And so then you pretty much watched baseball and drank beer the rest of the day and for dinner you had a sandwich, and I had a salad. And then you went to bed and I watched True Blood, which is really good but very bloody and gross and disturbing and I had all these bloodsucking dreams all night.”
“Bloodsucking dreams!”
“Yeah. Everyone is always bloodsucking in that show.”
“That blood-sucks.”
“I know. Anyway, Sunday was probably the best day. We got up and picked up Drew at the Bart station and drove up to Sebastopol, and stopped by my parents’ house and talked about my dad’s movies he made called Hickory & Satch and the Deadly Dr. D and The Hacker Brothers and stuff like that, and we watched the first few minutes of a show about a Golden Monkey or something.”
Tales of the Gold Monkey.”
“Yeah. Then we went to our friends’ house out in the country and had a great day with lots of great friends. We played beer-kickball, and ate cheese sausages and chips & queso and drank beer, then we played Catchphrase, and watched some of the 15-inning Giants game,* and then you played Ultimate Frisbee for 3 hours, then it got SO COLD-“
“SO cold.”
So cold, and we couldn’t see the fireworks because of all the fog and we huddled around the fire outside. Then as we were leaving, people set off firecrackers in the driveway and it was really cool and people sang songs about America. And then we went home because I had to work on Monday.”
“That was too bad.”
“Yeah. But it was a great weekend.”

And a great weekend it was.

*Bruce Bochy, the Giants’ manager, made one of the most remarkably dumb managerial decisions of his career, which is saying quite a bit. I think even those of you who are not baseball fans (most of you?) can appreciate this. In the late innings, Bochy removed his young star catcher – Buster Posey, perhaps the team’s best hitter, or at least top three – and replaced him with Eli Whiteside, a career minor leaguer with horrendous batting stats throughout his entire career and even worse hair. Why? We’re not sure. Whiteside doesn’t appear to be any faster, is arguably not a better catcher, and is unarguably a far worse hitter. Whiteside rewarded Bochy by striking out twice, including once with a runner on third base. The game went 15 innings. The Giants lost.

Here are a few posts I have on tap for this week, in order to wet your whistle:

– I have just been enlisted to play guitar during the ceremony for my good friend Mary’s wedding in September.

– I have also been enlisted to shuttle elderly people from a parking lot to a backyard wedding in August.

– Drew and Jessica and I had a great brainstorming session for engagement photos.

– An “ode to bread” that I have been working on for a while.

– & so much more!




15 responses to “The Weekend: The Recap

  1. She somehow failed to mention the sweet behind the back pass you threw to me in ultimate. Weird.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know why, if a friend gave Jessica a bag of apricots, you bought more at the farmers’ market.

    • You and mom don’t miss anything.

      Some of them had gone rotten, so she had to supplement. But don’t tell the classmate that.

  3. Didn’t Jessica tell you, once upon a creating groom-wedding-blog time, that wedding posts had photos? Where are pix of Jessica’s desserts and your playing Ultimate Frisbee for 3 hours? That’s all right. I loved this post (“The Weekend: The Recap”).

  4. OK, so you got Puppet’s name right, not sure where Vanilla came from. The other dog is Reese.

  5. She’s adorable.

  6. Dude. I just found your blog and I kind of love it immensely. Just sayin.’

    • Well thank you, Kerry! How nice of you to say! I’m gonna check out your blog too. I have a suspicion I’ll like it. A sneaking suspicion.

  7. Read your blog and saw you mention “Gold Monkey”. I thought (yes, I do think at times), does that mean this — the best series ever on TV — is now out on DVD? Quick Amazon check. Yes! Ordered it. Can’t wait. Never knew. You do make the world a better place!

  8. PS: So, what did YOU think of “Gold Monkey”?

    • First I thought, “why have I never heard of this show?” and then I thought, “this show is amazing and I want to watch it.” We had an especially fun time reading aloud the episodes synopses from the DVD insert, which are truly fantastic. Like:

      “Jake is mystified by several harrowing brushes with death, Sarah is on the trail of a suspicious Japanese bomber, a brawling German sailor turns up with Jack’s eye, and Corky unexpectedly lands a bride.”


      “Jake, Sarah, Corky, and Jack discover a boy raised by apes in a remote jungle, and soon become locked in battle with his fiercely protective ape parents and three trappers who are backed by Princess Koji’s samurai army.”

      I mean seriously. That’s amazing stuff, packed into one little sentence.

  9. that was an amazing weekend. i’ll miss you guys a lot, but will continue to follow the amazing adventures of Jessica and Bret over the coming months when I’m about to tear my hair out due to my lack of understanding about everything.

    big hugs!

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