Tales From Huntington Lake, Part II – GUEST POSTER ALERT!

My twin sister Katy – also known as my “twister” or my “twibling” – is a fashionista. She has a blog where she features some of her pieces and sells them to lucky clients. She has a degree in fashion design, and has made all sorts of fantastic stuff for herself and for her friends and family. For me, she’s made two ties, several curtains, tote bags, a couple pillowcases, a scarf; for Jessica she made a beautiful blue dress and for Cristin a stunning red one; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few of her fantastic pieces, as photographed by Drew and modeled by friends several months ago on a beach in Inverness, CA:



Jessica & Katie


Awesome, right? You know I’m right.

Anyway, about a year ago, Katy added wedding clothes to her steadily-growing repertoire, and she’s currently working on her second wedding dress – this one for the mother of my good friend and groomsman Andrew. I’ve blogged a bit about Katie & Lyal’s wedding once before; this time, I asked Katy to do a guest post about the clothes she made for the event. Aand now, without any further ado, here’s Katy to tell you some more.

Hi there, I’m Katy. I am Bret’s twin sister and was asked to guest post on his blog – very exciting! He has asked me to tell y’all about our good friend Katie’s wedding, getting to make her wedding dress, her now-husband’s wedding shirt, and my maid of honor dress. So….here goes!

Katie & Lyal

Katie and Lyal have been together since high school (and share the same birthday!), and I have had the pleasure of having Katie as a friend since we were babies. They decided to get married (finally!) and honored me by asking if I would make their clothes for the special day. Katie originally had an idea for a dress that we ended up kicking to the curb pretty quickly because of the wedding venue and the comfort issue. She told me she wanted a long-sleeve fitted calf length dress covered in antique lace. Though that sounds lovely, it just didn’t strike me as Katie’s style. What we ended up with was actually almost the opposite.

As delicate as the dress was, it was perfect for dancing

I had never made a wedding dress before and though I knew I could do it, I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of making something so big and so special for someone who means so much to me. In the end it was absolutely perfect (if I do say so myself) and totally worth all the time and effort. We found some great pieces of antique lace at this really cool store in Berkeley called Lacis and all the fabric came from Stonemountain & Daughter. The dress is made of a simple, soft and beautiful cotton with a double overlay of silk chiffon for the skirt and the flutter sleeves.

It laces up the back and has a blue sash that laces into the back as well. We chose a square neck line highlighted with lace and an empire waist with double layered flutter sleeves. The dress took me 21 hours of sewing alone to make, not to mention all the fittings and consultations.

The back

The two Katy/ies the day of the wedding

I had never made a man’s shirt either, but school taught me well:

Lyal and his groom shirt, looking dapper as a snapper

I was able to get Lyal to find a shirt he liked the fit of, then knocked off the pattern and changed it around to get the design we wanted. Turned out it wasn’t that hard! Though getting Lyal to agree to certain things was (like NOT wearing a Daniel Boone hat like he wanted*).

*[Editor’s note: Sound familiar?]

The shirt is a slightly darker blue then the sash on Katie’s dress or my dress and has abalone buttons decorations and at the mandarin collar neckline. I also had the incredible privilege of being the Maid-of-Honor at the wedding. The color we all chose was light blue. Katie and Lyal both have blue eyes and the setting was on the shores of Lake Huntington in the Sierra so it seemed quite fitting. I made a simple dress that I knew I would later dye to a more easily wearable color. That ended up being brown that I achieved with Rit Dye in my parents’ washing machine.

The lovely Katy in her Maid of Honor dress

In the end, the Hannon-Michel wedding was a perfect one and I can’t wait to celebrate the union of the Walker-Turner clan. Bret and Jessica are absolutely, unequivocally, and immeasurably the coolest and most amazing brother and future sister-in-law, ever. I love you.

So, I want to thank you for reading this! Thanks to my ‘sister’ Katie for being super amazing, my ‘brother-in-law’ Lyal for being awesome and loving Katie, and my twibling Bret for being the coolest and asking me to write this for him.




7 responses to “Tales From Huntington Lake, Part II – GUEST POSTER ALERT!

  1. love the flutter sleeves! and now i know exactly what to call them!

    i think you got the fit down very nicely katy. anyone can sew (except me) but not everyone can tailor something so wonderfully. great job!

  2. That was a great post, Katy! Yay for guest posts!
    I love the picture of you helping Katie into her dress. And I just noticed that the beautiful brown dress you wore on Shell Beach was once the blue Maid-of-Honor dress. Cool!

  3. Um, Katy… how much for that dress (maid of honor w/ pockets)??? Beautiful, love it, want one!!!

  4. Mary C. Jorgensen

    So we have lots of good writers in the family! Bravo for Katy’s ‘zilla guest posts. As to to your artistic talents, you are super. I’ll need your help for Bret’s and Jessica’s wedding, please?

  5. OMIGOD. What a talented family you have, Bret!!! Katy, you did some fabulous work with those clothes. What an incredible honor and what unbelievable pressure to perform, doll! Job well done!

  6. thanks for all the lovely comments 🙂 glad you all like it!

  7. WOW! That’s really cool, Bret! I sewed a few pillows when I was little…fixed the couch recently…but Angie’s right..tailoring something to fit so nicely is really a unique talent! Good work, Katy!

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