What Are Those Things On The Sidebar There?

Disclaimer: what follows is a shameless plug. Read it at your own risk.

So: in my internet wanderings, I have stumbled upon a couple of wedding blog awards. One of them (The Wedding Channel one, sponsored by The Knot, which I gather is semi-evil) seems to think that all weddings blogs are written by and for brides/women only. While this may be nearly true, I happen to be a dude (last time I checked, at least), and have a wedding blog, which you happen to be reading at this very moment in time. Voting ends on July 2nd, also known as this Thursday, so if it tickles you just so, click on the thing over here to the right ——> and nominate me! You have to pick a category, and I think this fits best into “Wedding Planning Blog.” The downside is, to nominate, you have to sign up (for free) for their site and then leave a comment. BOOOOO. But: do it anyway! Yeah!

I could win a $1,000 Amazon gift card (or a $100 one, or nothing at all), which I would promptly spend on presents for all my fine readers.*

*Either that, or stuff for my wedding. Probably the latter.

Secondly is a contest over at aisledash, a cool wedding site I haven’t yet fully explored. Voting for that one ends July 22nd, so you have time. That acknowledges me and my ilk, and therefore has a “Best Groom Blog” category, and plus there you vote with a typical-looking entry form.

The winner of each category receives a “one-of-a-kind Waterford crystal award,” which I didn’t know what it meant until I looked it up. It seems it’s a company that makes stuff out of crystal. Did everyone know that already? Maybe everyone did.

***UPDATE*** – as my dear mother points out, the aisledash one requires that the blog be live for 6 months. Since I started this guy in April, I don’t qualify. Ah well.

ANYWAY: if you want to vote, that would make my day. If you don’t, I love you anyway.

Goodbye and happy trails,



7 responses to “What Are Those Things On The Sidebar There?

  1. you got it dude! done and done!

  2. Mary C. Jorgensen

    Oh dear, what can we do? I read the following upon clicking on the thing over there to the right:
    “In order for a wedding blog to be nominated, it must be live for a minimum of six (6) months, posting a minimum of three (3) posts per week and at least 75 percent of the blog content fits the category for which they have been nominated. Descriptions of each category can be found in the official rules.”
    You see how devoted I am? I even come across nasty rules like “be live for a minimum of 6 months”, sniff, sob. I really wanted you to win. You win anyways (in your 10,000 fans opinion).

    • Well, crap. That rules out the second one. Well, I didn’t really want any crystal anyway.

      • Also, aisledash is currently promoting Walt Disney World weddings. Tools. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s what you’re into. And you really don’t want the Waterford. But if you change your mind, and you’re really nice to me, maybe I’ll give you a cordial glass or something as a wedding gift (from my extensive, inherited, collection of the stuff).

      • Heck, all wedding blogs are evil to some degree. I mean, I heard the guy who writes All Things ‘Zilla hates peanut butter and mint ice cream.

  3. waterford crystal, in my humble opinion, is ugly and you would only have to try and pawn it off on someone at a garage sale later, so no loss there….

    but I will vote for you on the other one, I’ll think of the $1000 that ypu may win as an incredibly generous wedding present that I have given you from the very bottom of my heart (the very bottom of my heart is another way of saying the wedding channel and all the others who will have voted for you as well)

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