Jessica’s First Post – On The F’reals!

Today’s guest poster is: JESSICA! Woot! In addition to being (a) hot and (b) awesome and (c) the best and (d) all of the above and (e) totes great, she also happens to be the one who told me about wedding blogs in the first place, and suggested I start one. I thought it only fitting that she should guest-post occasionally, and even though I don’t think we’ll ever end up with a regular feature like “Fridays with Jaywalker” (I call her that sometimes, because of her name being J. Walker), the occasional post will do just fine. Enjoy!

– Bret

Ok, I give in. Bret has been storming around the house in a fit of rage (!) begging me to make a guest post. Actually, he would never do that. He just asks me every hour on the hour if I have written my post yet. Let me be clear – I LOVE this blog. It makes me laugh out loud almost every time I read it and it is always pleasant to read nice things about oneself. It is rather that Bret is such a charming, witty, and creative writer that I feel my posts will never be as good. Then I realized, who cares? Of course they won’t be. Bret is a brilliant writer who has a unique and lovely writer’s voice, for which I am grateful. In short, I got over it and I have finally started my guest post. Hooray!!!

Now, lets get down to business: FLOWERS! Yay for flowers!!! Seriously, it is hard to find a flower I don’t like (unless the flower is yellow, oddly.) My dear mother has volunteered to grow all the flowers for our wedding. I know, how amazing is she??? Just look at this picture of her and you will see her amazingness!

See look how amazing

Since we have awhile until the wedding we decided it would be best to do a test run so my mom could figure out how many plants she needs, what types of flowers are best, what colors we want, etc. Therefore, bright and early Saturday morning my mom, Cristin, and myself went to the San Francisco Flower Mart. This place is amazing and I highly recommend a visit even if you aren’t planning to do your own flowers. They have oogles of flowers for extremely reasonable prices. We bought a bunch of flowers and spent the next few hours making bouquets, boutonnieres (that word is ridiculously hard to spell), and centerpieces. I have to be honest when I say that it was a fantastic success. Here are some pictures of all the pretty things we made.

We have decided that for centerpieces we will use different sized and shaped glass bottles. We already have a ton because we store our grains, pastas, etc. in them and we realized one day how great they look with flowers. (Perhaps we discovered this when I received a bouquet of flowers yet we did not own one vase and I tried to store them in my blender which worked quite well and looked rather chic. Alas, a blender’s job is not really to hold water so soon the table was soaking and the flowers were parched*.)

*Editor’s note: Jessica only uses the word parched, never the word thirsty. “I’m so parched,” she’ll say. I make gentle fun of her for that. So this, clearly, was a dig at me.

I LOVE the look of the centerpieces we made because they look like we just picked them from a garden and threw then in the jars. I realize that some brides and grooms might enjoy a more polished look, but for our wedding, we just love a more casual and welcoming look. A note about making bouquets and boutonnieres (copy and pasted that one, ha!) – They are quite easy! Really! I would venture to say that my mom, Cristin, and I are not crafty wizards or designer experts. We have our talents, but flowers arranging is not one of them, but the flowers still looked great and Cristin cranked out at least SEVEN boutonnieres in no time!

Seriously, if you have any interest in flowers I would highly recommend at least experimenting with this project. It was blast! It sure doesn’t hurt that I got to be surrounded by fantastic and hilarious people during this projects, so I would also encourage you to get your best friends and family involved.

Ok, that’s it! Yeah guest posting!


9 responses to “Jessica’s First Post – On The F’reals!

  1. These look awesome! Way to go ladies!

    I love the colors! The deep purples and violets and fuschsias look great with the deep green and ivory!

    And great job, Jessica!

  2. Yay! I love a guest post from Jessica. Great job with the flowers–they look amazing! And your mom is seriously so awesome to grow all your flowers. You guys look like you had so much fun!

  3. Mary C. Jorgensen

    As your future mother-in-law, I am proud to say that you are an awesome postmaster (should I leave out the “general”?). What fun! Yeah for Jessica’s guest posting. More, more, more! As to looking at all those flowers you managed to fit into our very own living room, it reminds me a bit of what the room looked like when Tom and I brought Bret and Katy home from the hospital, age two days old: The house was filled with bouquets of flowers people had sent in honor of the twins, bouquets all over, on the mantle piece, on most of the furniture. No flowers on the couch or chairs, however. And good for Terri. She should have one fabulous garden this summer.

  4. GREAT guest post! Great project! They look AWESOME, and I love the centerpieces! I agree on the cozy and welcoming look, totally beautiful!

  5. so how about you take a holiday over to Australia this December and do my flowers? Cos they look awesome!

  6. Wow! Thanks to all for the supportive comments! Maybe Bret will be able to convince me to post a couple more times before the big day:-) And Luc: I think an all expense paid trip to Australia to do your flowers could certainly be arranged!

  7. Wow, another writer in the family. Congrats, Jess, that was splendid. Who would have suspected such talent. Maybe we should start a magazine or a publishing house. Please do write more.

  8. Dearest Jess:
    Some important facts:
    1. You are so gorgeous.
    2. The flowers look amazing, great idea.
    3. Your mom is awesome to plant a flower garden for your wedding! What a nice personal touch!
    4. I have been stalking you through Bret’s blog (which, btw, Bret, I love to read… keep up the good work!).
    5. This is the first time I’ve commented because I was afraid Bret would be scared of my stalker-ness.
    6. You SHOULD do guest posts more often.
    7. I love you!
    Congrats on your engagement!!!! I’m so excited for you and anyone who’s anyone (Emily, Cristin, Lilli, your mom) seems to deem Bret highly worthy of you and your spectacularness (made that word up). So yay!!!!!!!! Happiness! And a big yay for Bret! 🙂
    Your long lost friend Adria

    • Awwwww…Adria! What a nice message to come home to. I am glad you are reading the blog, that is what it is for:-) And don’t worry – I stalk you through facebook! Hahaha~ Thank you for all your kinds words and I hope I get to see you in person sometime soon!

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