Jessica’s First Post – A Teaser

This is not in fact Jessica’s first post – this is just a teaser. I think she’s now close to 100% on board with the idea of doing a post, but she hasn’t yet had the time to craft one, so she’s still off the hook. For now. Later, she’ll just be off da hook, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

In any case, this weekend, Jessica went to a large flower mart in San Francisco with her mom and Cristin to buy some flowers. For what, you ask? That’s a great question. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say it has to do with planning for our wedding. And to whet your appetites, I will leave you with some of the photos I took of the event. If you like pretty flowers, then you’ll love this post. If you hate pretty flowers, divert your eyes. Oh, and we’re not friends anymore. Because c’mon: pretty flowers!



6 responses to “Jessica’s First Post – A Teaser

  1. boot-in-ears?

    I need to know these things! I obviously have no patience. Haha!

  2. Great photos! She is beauuuuutiful as ze flowas. {Say with as cheesy of a French accent as you can}. Can’t wait to see the first post, shall we chant her name?
    {Whisper} Jess-i-ca, Jess-i-ca, Jess-i-ca…{Obviously getting louder} Jess-i-ca {Shhhh! Shat the fack up!} Okay.

  3. the flowers (and Jessica) look gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see the full post.

  4. Hey talked with Terri and Steve about your catering ideas. As someone who catered their own wedding, we should talk. There are pitfalls to be avoided. There are major opportunities to turn this into a major community event that all parties will enjoy.
    give me shout.

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