Today, She Is A Good Day

Why? Oh, I dunno. Only because:

1) For the first time ever when I typed the name of my blog into google, it auto-completed. Now, I don’t have any idea what that means, practically speaking. But it’s cool nonethesame.

2) Tomorrow Cristin and Greg are coming over and I’m going to make two of these:

Deep dish pizza! One’s gonna be sausage and mushroom and the other will be artichoke hearts and maybe another ingredient.

3) Yesterday was my last day of volunteering in Kindergarten and I got all these cute little cards. One girl thanked me for helping me open her yowgrts. Another thanked me for bringing my bango to school and playing it to the class. Another said I was always nise to her. It was awesome.

4) I think I’m going to change the layout/theme of the ol’ blog. It’s getting stale.


2 responses to “Today, She Is A Good Day

  1. yowgurts. sweet.

    And Josh and I agree, you should be in “da industry.” Like legit singing songs, for all the boys and girls to enjoy.

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