Date Night!

Sometimes we have Date Nights. Because of our busy schedules – mostly Jessica’s, I’m kind of a lazy slacker – we don’t get to eat dinner together that often, and even more rarely do we get to eat dinner and hang out and sleep in the next morning. Because all those things lined up on Friday night, a syzygy if you will, we celebrated with a Date Night. We’re staying up at my parents’ house while they’re out of town, and so we get to eat outside and do laundry and throw insane house parties* and slide in our socks along the hardwood floor. Maybe only I just do that last one, but hey Jessica you should totally try that because it’s great fun.

*Just kidding, mom & dad. They weren’t that insane.

Jessica made me a very, very delicious dinner:

Each bite was more delicious than the previous bite but slightly less delicious that the following bite, and therefore the last bite was as delicious a bite as was to be found in the whole bowl

It’s from a book called Chinese Cuisine by Susanna Foo, and it’s got a foreword by Amy Tan, so you know it’s totally legit. This recipe is called Sautéed shrimp with corn in spicy wine sauce and I’d made it myself once before, and it’s rapidly become a favorite. Did you know that in Chinese cuisine, meats are quite often marinated in vodka before cooking? I did not know that. I have a, shall we say, complicated relationship with vodka, stemming from my days spent in Russia with a funnel permanently attached to my mouth and a bottle of vodka permanently pouring down the funnel. This is metaphorical, bien sur. They don’t have funnels in Russia.

But it turns out that marinating meat (at least seafood) in vodka makes it extra delicious. Who knew? Chinese cooks knew. And now I know. And so do you. But don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret.

Here is Jessica, on the precipice of enjoying her meal:

This wine was on sale and I bought it but it turned out to be white wine, which I don't like, but Jessica does, so she drank some and I put a little creme de cassis in there to make a "kir" and then later had myself a DiPe.

As you can see, she’s making her classic “pulling the chair up to the table” face. We proceeded to take a walk around the hills, as it was a warm night, and we’d stop along the way to take silly photos of ourselves using the camera’s timer. Here’s one we took on the steps to the house:

That will probably go up in the banner at some point.

Later on the walk we took this silly photo:

Not really sure what's happening here

When we got home she made me the very best strawberry shortcake I ever did eat – recipe can be found here, if that Morks your Mindy.* I got her a subscription to Bon Appetit Magazine for Christmas and she’s been trying to make more and more of the recipes. I seriously recommend this one – you soak the berries in sugar and balsamic vinegar, which sounded weird to me but ended up being fantastically delicious. The whip cream was made from the best cream around – from Straus – and the shortbread was, as we say ’round here, HELLA GOOD. I mean, it was just so damn good. I really want some right now, matter of fact.

*A friend in college decided to replace “floats your boat” with “Morks your Mindy.” I recommend using that whenever possible.

Then she feel asleep as we watched a couple episodes of Psych, which is a pretty funny show.

It was a good Date Night. We did a little bit of wedding talk, but not too much – sometimes you need a break. We do have some exciting things brewing: homemade beer (get it?), a plan for flowers and vases, a possible photographer, some ideas about food, and more.

So: stay tuned!


2 responses to “Date Night!

  1. You guys are too fricking cute.

    And I’m going to have to try this dish as well as the kir. It sounds like a purrfect summer meal. Can’t wait to hear about the homemade beer, flowers, photog and more!!!!

    Morks Your Mindy! HAha!

  2. Strawberry shortcake!? Word. Loving the photos. More couples should do date night. We fell out of it for a while and everything sucked…felt so drained and like I never got a break, eh? How much am I paying you for this hour of therapy, btw?

    Anyways..Yes! I’m with Ang on waiting with held-breath for the homemade beer stories.

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