There is a song by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, a song that perhaps you’ve heard. It’s called Home and I defy you to listen to it without a big-ass silly grin in your face. Rarely have I heard a song so filled with pure joy, sweet love, and unabashed happiness. It’s a song that captures all the best of my generation of music by shoving itself down your throat in the most fantastic way it possibly could. At the risk of overselling it, it’s one of the most lovely pieces of human music I know of and a fine example of what people do best when they combine talent, creativity, and happiness.

Drew turned me onto this song not long ago and Jessica, who is in fact blasting it as I write this, has fallen for it as well. The more we listen, the more we want to involve it in our wedding in some way. It might even find its way into our ceremony. It might even be the theme song to the wedding. First dance, perhaps. All I know is: we want it.

Man oh man you’re my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
that we got everything we need

Hot and Heavy pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy Jesus Christ
Aint nothin’ please me more than you

Home, Let me come Home
Home is Whenever Im with you
Home, yes I am Home
Home is wherever Im with you


7 responses to “Home

  1. LOVING IT!!

  2. I just came home from seeing Faust at SF Opera with my dad. The opera involved a lot of sinning and remorse and the devil “condemning” the lovers and sending them to hell and their baby turning into a pile of straw at the end. This song (and your blog) was exactly what I needed after that opera spectacle!

  3. oh my goodness…. love this song. i remember when i first heard it in the car i immediately called josh to go online and check what it was called. we have quotes from the song all up in our house- on little notes, the chalkboard, mirrors… we’re nerds.

    sigh… if we could all be free-loving hippies and skip through life hand in hand…. wouldn’t life be so much more awesome?

  4. This really is such a fantastic song! The energy of this whole band is just amazing. Paul and I saw them twice and they are so muh fun. Makes you want to dance, dance, dance!

  5. awesome song! maybe we could all dance down the isle to it? making me dance right now!

  6. GREAT song. Have you listened to any Josh Ritter? Very similar sound!

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